How to Dress with Ageless Style: The Mature Woman's Guide to Fashion

Spring-Summer 2016: Pink, Pastels, & Feminine Styles, Tribal Chic, and More

How to dress for spring-summer 2016 offers a range of choices from pink and pastels, feminine lace and fancy sleeves, as well as city-gal black, bold orange, and Bohemian tribal chic inspired by Game of Thrones.

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Spring Trends 2016 Mothers Day Gifts Nice Blouses Casual Clothing

One of the most practical trends is nice white blouses with fancy sleeves, lace, embroidery, or other trim. A good-fitting white blouse is a classic piece for any wardrobe.

Style, on the other, transcends fashions that come and go. So as you read the Fashion After 50 summary of the latest spring fashion trends for 2016, think about how to express your inner self so that you feel confident, free, and at your best.

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Meaning of Red Chic Fashion Divine Dresses Down Jacket

How Short Is Too Short?

This year, I discovered that I hadn't bought a dress in ages, and I was tired of wearing pants.

Shopping turned out to be a challenge. I've got great legs but, come on. A dress as short as the skater's skirts I wore as teen make me feel like I've raided someone else's closet.

In addition, the professional dress code where I work does not allow short skirts -- and I'm the one who is supposed to be enforcing it!

On the other hand, midi skirts feel dumpy and don't show off my best asset. What's an older gal to do?

I finally found four dresses -- one I can wear to work, two I can wear for meetings and going out, and a little black dress to which I added a crochet border that will serve for many years.

Seventies-Eighties Boho: Is It for You?

One of my personal style maxims is that when a style of my youth returns, it isn't retro, it's aging. On the other hand, a style almost always returns in an updated version that blends with contemporary fashion.

Lace and fringe are all over the stores, so each of us must decide how much is too much. Metis is not going to be caught wearing tie-dye or fringe: It is not sophisticated enough for her.

Artemis doesn't want fringe hampering her tennis shot or golf swing. Sophia and Aphrodite, two feminine signs, love a bit of lace or embroidery.

Fringe is best for casual wear; lace may be blended with just about anything these days.

We Can Dress with Style At Every Age

Dressing stylishing no matter what our age is easier than ever to do beautifully, fashionably, and with a dash of fun. If you haven't overhauled your wardrobe in a while, this is the place to start the journey of creating a clothing palette that expresses who you are today.

Women's clothing styles are more diverse and accepting of individual preferences than ever. No longer does a narrow group of top designers dictate how to dress.

Look past the young models' svelte bodies; you will find an increasing selection of fashions fit for the Older Goddess.

The lament, "There aren't any nice clothes for older women," is as out-of-date as the phone booth.

What's Your Fashion Archetype?

Knowing your personal style can help you to create a pulled-together wardrobe. Take the fashion archetype quiz to find out your personal style.

Fashion After 50 will show you how to pull together a look that's flattering, fits your lifestyle and budget. You belong here if:

  • You don't have the time or the desire to shop endlessly for clothes for older women. I've selected every retailer on this site for the range of sizes offered, comfort and style.

  • You're not sure how to dress so fashions advertised on thin, beautiful bodies and young faces will look good on you. Fashion After 50 includes suggestions about styles that will flatter certain body types and wardrobe suggestions.

  • You never see fashion advice for women that adapts contemporary styles to your needs. You're in the right place now.

Ageless fashion advice for women starts when we recognize our inner goddess -- the timeless spirit that illuminates each of us.

Here is an introduction to five principles for expressing your beautiful inner light.

Fashion After 50 celebrates how we make clothes look good on you because your wisdom, laughter, and creativity show you how to dress your fashion archetypes. No younger woman can bring that full-bodied, rich reservoir of inner savvy to life like you can. It's time to feel good about the skin you're in.

Fashion Over 50 weaves together a tapestry of archetypal imagination, contemporary fashion and frugal creativity to show how to dress your age and celebrate the best that is in you with artful clothes for older women.

Fashion -- Function -- Fun

Style remains the eclectic grabbag it has been for some time. That makes it easy to maximize your wardrobe and spend fashion dollars on real value.

A recession is a great time to go shopping in your closet and sharpen your basic wardrobe planning skills.

If you're not sure how to put a look together, you'll find some sample wardrobes. One shows how to dress professionally for one week for less than $200.

When money is short, now is the time to invest in wardrobe items with maximum versatility.

A white blouse is a wardrobe must and may worn with just about everything. It's one clothing purchase every woman needs, even when times gets hard and budget shrink.

A jacket is another wardrobe work horse. Whether you want an elegant jacket for lunch out or work, or a one-of-a-kind bohemian shawl jacket, there is something that will fit your style, your figure, and your wallet.

Find out what's new in the trends area, do some wardrobe planning, go shopping, pick up some gifts, spend a few moments on self-care, and explore our resources and link partners.

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