1960s Fashion Trends Turn Ladylike Sheath into Contemporary Classic

1960s fashion trends evoke the vintage glamour of the leopard skin pillbow hat and oh-so-ladylike sheath dresses.

A silk sheath dress will give you ultra-feminine vintage glamour that is totally updated. Some types of silk can even go in the washing machine.

The luxurious feel and look of silk is well worth the price to add a stunning sheath dress to your closet.

Solid Colors Minimize Figure Flaws

Look for the season's featured colors, but do choose one that is right for your skin coloring.

Expect to see deep blue, bright tangerine, daffodil yellow, chartreuse, and clean white.

An unbelted sheath dress in a solid color helps to create the long, lean line that is not just vintage glamour but figure flattering clothes that are on-trend.

The lighter the color - such as pale yellow or white - generally emphasize figure flaws more than darker shades, such as bright blue and tangerine.

Look for Florals and Geometric Prints

Expect to see updated versions of the geometric color block designs that spanned the late 1960s to early 1970s in 2011.

Larger florals are on trend. A silk sheath dress in a fabulous color or an eye-catching color may be just the yummy thing you need to feel completely feminine and stylish.

If you have been longing for a return to the ladylike look of 1960s fashion trends popularized during the era of Camelot and Jackie O, updated sheath dresses will appeal to you.

The Truth about Trends

The truth about fashion trends is that a well-put-together woman, who exudes a sense of being comfortable with herself and others, creates her own trend.

Let's look at a very dated look – a pale pink sheath dress with a leopard skin hat.

If you can still fit into the dress, and brava if you do, don't wear it with leopard skin, black velvet, or anything that signals a retro look stuck in time.

Only very young women can get away with detail-perfect vintage costumes.

Older women must mix it up a bit.

How to Perk Up A Dated Look

Find a large bright print scarf that mirrors the season's preferred colors. Drape it across your front like a beauty queen's pageant ribbon, and pin it at the shoulder.

Make sure the colors are vivid and bold so they detract from the slightly-dated pale pink of the dress.

If you have colored shoes that coordinate with a prominent, bold color in the scarf, wear them, too.

Save your cute little leopard skin hat - some 1960s fashion trends never get old - to wear with something ultra-chic, such as an all-black ensemble relieved only by gold.

Mix and match metallic and opaque, such as a metallic gold belt with a big mustard-gold muffler. Bronze also would work well as the accent color.

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