Enid Sefcovic does not like referring to herself in the third-person, but the protocols of web page design require that I start this sentence with my own name.

Everything important that I know about fashion, I learned from my mother:

  • the sensual feel of great fabrics.

  • why fit is important.

  • loose threads mean shabby construction.

  • a classic style will last many times its purchase price.

  • wardrobe basics are a wise investment.

  • well-made clothing can be worn for a long time.

  • fill in and update your wardrobe with cheap pieces. No one will notice.

My mother, Helen, was trained as a fashion designer. I was her Project Runway model. Oh the clothing I wore!

She is a perfectionist. Every plaid matched; every print panel lined up.

A couple who owned a fabric store saved her special bolts in the back after their New York City buying trips: cashmere soft as satin, nubby wool and beautiful watch plaids, cotton lawn sheer as silk and heavily embroidered organza. Even today, texture and fabric can delight with their feel and look. FashionAfter50.com has been obtained.

Why Fashion After 50?

I started Fashion After 50 in 2008, as I started to navigate my way through the changes of peri- and post-menopause.

I became fascinated by Jungian psychology, picking up the threads of interest I began in the 1970s and allowed to lie fallow for most of the intervening period.

Designing the Fashion Archetype quiz was a way to make the myths come alive as everyday expressions of older women's inner selves and creativity.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how often the quiz accurately identifies readers' inner selves -- though of course all of us have many inner goddesses and qualities.

Sometimes it is not accurate. This is true of any personality type quiz: You are always the best judge of who you are.

What Else About Enid Sefcovic?

Sorry, I have to work in those third-person references every now and then.

My career has been as a newspaper journalist and university professor of communication.

I am a woman of a certain age, and this site is for us. What we wear is a creative expression of our inner selves.

I hope you enjoy the fashion archetype quiz as one way to tap back into that playful inner energy and renew a sense of having fun with fashion.

We may be forgotten by fashion designers, store buyers, and clothing manufacturers. Our bodies and our faces are edited out of cultural life. This site celebrates our style – and style is far more than what we wear. It is how we live.

Please contact me anytime with your comments and suggestions.

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