How to Buy Flattering Clothes

Brief Guide to How to Wear Clothes, Part 3

How to buy flattering clothes starts with the most essential fashion advice – Know Yourself.

To review:

Know your body type. Draw the eye to your assets, and downplay what you don't want people to notice.

Find what colors look best on you.

Be honest with yourself about what looks good on you. Use a three-way mirror to find out what looks good on you. Heed friends' advice.

Invest in quality wardrobe essentials. Have them tailored to fit properly.

Update your look with accessories. Seasonal and trendy belts, handbags, scarfs, and jewelry can make a look. Focus on your physical assets.

Use the fashion archetype quiz to help you find what honors your inner goddess and feels good to wear.

Here are some more tips for how to buy flattering clothes and how to wear clothes.

Don't Recycle Retro Looks

What looks fabulously cutting edge on someone who didn't see the style the first time around merely looks sadly out-of-date on a woman of a certain age.

Don't try to relive your youth. Find something new to do and show you know how to wear clothes in your own special way.

Clothes that look fashionably retro on younger women may look like something we decided to pull from our donations box.

There is no need to wear our nostalgia out to dine.

One secret of how to wear clothes is to to move forward with grace and imagination. Don't go backward.

When an eternal style returns, such as the sheath dress, be sure that something you drag out of the closet reflects current color trends and fabrics. Make sure it still fits properly. Be sure that the renovated style does not incorporate new twists that will make yours look outmoded.

Dressing Too Young
Is Not Youthful

How to buy flattering clothes requires walking a fine line between looking dowdy and being age appropriate.

The style line between out-of-date and in-fashion is one each of us negotiates in front of a mirror and with honest feedback from other people.

A wide range of clothing styles, fabrics, and prices makes it easier than ever before to cut a fashionable swath after we reach a certain age.

There are many ways to show off a toned body and great legs without dressing like your teenage daughter -- or grand-daughter. Use your imagination and creativity to find them.

Have Fun with Fashion

Here's some more tips for how to have fun with fashion without spending a lot of money.

Buy a color you never wear, a piece of jewelry you crave, or stick a Christmas ornament on your straw hat.

Thrift and consignment shops are great places to find unusual and accent pieces that you would never otherwise consider.

Wear a dressy jacket or blouse with casual pants. Pair two colors that you've never tried together.

Shake it up, mix it up.

Learn how to wear clothes with style by experimenting and having fun with the whole thing.

Invest in A Good Haircut

Even more challenging than figuring out how to buy flattering clothes may be finding a hairstyle that is contemporary and becoming.

As our hair thins and chins sag, an entirely new style may be in order. Be bold. It will grow out if you hate it, and you can wear hats until it does.

You'll feel better just by making a change in your hairstyle. No look lasts forever.

How to Find a Good Hair Stylist

Don't feel that you must wear your hair short because you are older. It's a myth that unnecessarily robs some of us of a feminine touch, and it does not make us look a day more youthful.

It can be challenging to find a good stylist. Here's how:

Whenever you see a woman with a haircut you like, ask her where she goes. She will be flattered for the compliment. If she's not, that’s her problem, not yours.

Another way to find a good stylist is to look for continuing education credits online or call to find out. Good salons invest in ongoing training for their employees, and some professionals attend special workshops, seminars, and shows to stay up-to-date.

You can't separate how to buy flattering clothes from all the other elements that comprise a fabulous personal look.

Lipstick: Don't Leave Home Without A Dab of Color

A bit of lipstick brightens our faces. It's good and relatively inexpensive fashion advice to pick a shade that is becoming for your complexion.

This is a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do statement. When I remember to put on make-up, I like Revlon's Colorstay. It's a two-stage liquid application – color followed by a gloss.

If you use lip liner, there's a third stage. ColorStay is slightly drying, but it really does stay on all day. And once a day is all the time and effort I’m willing to spend on make-up.

There you have it: a brief guide to how to buy flattering clothes, how to wear clothes, and how to dress with style.

1. Don’t wear clothes that are big and baggy.
2. Choose classic styles and clean lines.
3. Update with seasonal accessories.
4. Know what colors flatter you.
5. Avoid plaids and horizontal lines.
6. Invest in quality wardrobe essentials.
7. Jettison the retro look.
8. Dressing too young is not youthful.
8. Have fun with fashion.
10. Get a good haircut.
11. Wear lipstick when you go out.

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