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Hitch Your Star to Pink
April 21, 2017
Hello All,

Girly pink, long the color of the passive princess, has a new starring role as the color of Woman Power.

The first sign that pink was not going to stay in the nursery was its use as the color of breast cancer survivors.

These brave women have endured chemotherapy hell and risked their lives to get to the other side of this heartbreaking disease.

The pink bow became a symbol of their cause.

The Woman's March in January -- even if you disagree with its purposes -- made pink "pussy hats" a symbol of female strength.

Last year, the Irish Examiner discussed whether women who wear pink can be taken seriously.

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Cotton blouse, 'Rose Harmony' (India)

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Pink was long the symbol of "airheads and Barbie dolls," according to the report.

"The delicious irony is that in Victorian times, and up until the Second World War, young boys were dressed in pink and girls in blue," the article explains, because "pink was a stronger colour and more suited to males."

Writers such as Andrew Harvey hail The Return of the Mother as an emerging theme in human development that soften patriarchal systems of society.

A few years back, hot pink and vivid coral were on-trend. This year we are seeing softer shades of pink, from barely-there shades to deep dusty rose everywhere.

Pink is considered a healing color and one that indicates a strong open heart, according to a color therapist Marcia O’Regan quoted in the Irish Examiner.

O’Regan suggests women wear pink with confidence as a symbol of feminine power.

There are so many shades of pink, some with blue undertones and some with orange undertones, you are almost certain to find a hue that complements you.

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Stay Sassy,

Enid Sefcovic,Publisher

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