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Exotic Imports and Engineered Fabrics
July 21, 2017
Hello All,

It's been a while since you've heard from me. I've been indulging my fascination with learning about fiber arts. No surprise then today's recommendations emphasize exotic imports and technologically engineered fabrics.

The throw-away clothing culture -- blouses for under 10 bucks and other cheap garments -- creates terrible waste for the environment.

So I'm on a mission to make women aware of the beauty of better made fashion and the satisfactions of vintage, renovated, and do-it-yourself style.

We all need stuff eventually.
Shoes wear out. Pants fray. Blouses and bodies lose their shape. Some clothes don't fit the emerging you.

Here are a few places to check out. Wishing you happiness and joy.

Peruvian Connection has launched its fall collection.

The black dress I ordered was above-average quality and arrived well packaged in a box. Too often clothing is squished into a bag and heavily wrinkled. This store delivered on that particular product.

Appleseed's is my go-to favorite: I have 3 pairs of twill trousers and a couple of jackets.

I wish I were a freewheeling Hecate or rule-breaking Kali fashion archetype but, sigh, perhaps I will always be a practical, buttoned down Athena fashion. Free Shipping on Orders of $50+ with code AE7F3. Offer valid 6/21 – 9/2

These are products I purchase; I do not receive any freebies from these retailers.

250x250 Novica Daily Deals The world is at your door, literally, with the artisan products of Novica. The organization functions under UN fair trade agreements, so local crafts people benefit. I am pleased with an incredible wool ruana and a small Mexican Virgin Mary statue box. Authentic.

The Budget Traveler!  Save up to 70% on Great Deals for Smart Travelers.  Shop Men's and Women's travel clothing only at!

Ex Officio has been a leader in offering sportswear fabricated of cutting-edge engineered textiles such as those that offer sunscreen protection, wick away sweat, and prevent odors.

Disclosure: Fashion After 50 earns a commission when readers buy products featured in the newsletter and on the website. The site has affiliate agreements with retailers I trust, but I cannot guarantee you will be satisfied with every purchase; that is between you and the store. I feature products because I like them.

Stay Sassy,

Enid Sefcovic,Publisher
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