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Cute T-Shirts Offerr Comfortable Cotton Chic at Affordable Price
April 24, 2015

Thanks to Dar Heffron of Oklahoma for this week’s suggestion.


For me, the simple little tee is a fashion staple.

It is versatile and timeless. It comes plain or patterned, in every color imaginable, with short or long sleeves, scoop, square, boat or V-neck.
Embroidered Blossoms T-Shirt
Embroidered Blossoms T-Shirt

It can fit loosely or snugly on the body, depending on mood and/or activity. I can be casual in a plain white, well-fitting tee with a decent pair of jeans and classic mules. I can throw a jacket over that and a scarf, and I'm ready for a day in town or at the park.

But my cotton tee can do so much more!

I can put on a red or blue striped tee with a pair of neutral pants, some sandals and a cute little straw fedora and I feel nautical and nice.

When I trade the stripes for solid and the jacket for a shawl, I am on a different style adventure.

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"You know what I hate about rock? I hate tie-dyed tee-shirts." --Kurt Cobain, of grunge-rock band, Nirvana


I stumbled onto Jennifer Crusie’s Fast Women when, like the heroine Nell, I was shell-shocked when a long-term relationship abruptly ended.

The book offered exactly what I needed at the time -- hope -- in the form of quirky, plucky, likeable characters, both women and men.

It was my first Crusie outing, but not my last. Ten years after the spring when my life broke apart like a ship on a rocky coast (simultaneously, a 12-year-career track ended, and I was apparently mis-diagnosed with a chronic, incurable illness), I decided to revisit Fast Women.

I found it as delightful as I did the first time around.

Here are my favorite quotations.

On men who dump women for younger versions, after the first wife is past what is considered her prime in our youth-obsessed culture:

"It'd be different if they let you go and said, 'Here, take back that great skin you used to have, take back those high boobs and that flat stomach and all that energy, you just start all over again, honey, we'll give you a second chance.' But they don't. You get older and all your assets are spent, and they leave you broken and there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

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"That was the problem with marriage. It sunk its hooks into your soul and left scars that were with you forever. They should warm people who were getting married about what it was going to do to them. How it shaped you life and changed your mind and altered your reality until you didn't know who you were anymore."

My favorite quotation is Riley, one of the detectives, professing his love for Suze. She's 30-something and thinks she's over the hill because her husband is a 54-year-old who marries women barely out of high school and dumps them when they hit 30. Riley has been secretly in love with Suze for 12 years.

When she mentions how pretty she was a high-school cheerleader, this is his response.

"Oh," Riley said. "Yeah, you were pretty. But nothing like you are now," he said, and the certainty in his voice made her lift her head. "And nothing like you're going to be tomorrow. You've got one of those faces that get sharper and brighter every day. When you're eighty, people are going to have to wear sunglasses to look at you."

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