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Dragon Motifs Breathe Fire into Asian-Inspired Fashion
August 07, 2015

Cotton batik tunic Majestic Naga (Thailand)
Cotton batik tunic Majestic Naga (Thailand)

I'm a big fan of Asian-inspired style, and why not?

Many of us grew up when the U.S. was flooded with tropical prints and darling Chinese-style pajamas as our military men and women returned from the Pacific theater.

Just as Gaugin was fascinated by Martinique and Tahiti in the 1800s, Westerners were beguiled by the bright colors and easy-to-wear styles of the East.

Look for dragon motifs as the Asian-inspired trend for Fall and Winter 2015-16. Get ahead of that trend in the breezy cotton tunic, top.

Cotton blouse, 'China Paths in Light Brown' (Thailand)
Cotton blouse, 'China Paths in Light Brown' (Thailand)

It features the legendary Thai naga dragon, superb in shades of purple and blue. This is truly craft work, with some of it done by hand, and offered in conjunction with the National Geographic Society and under Fair Trade agreements that return money to the artisans.

The Chinese cheongsam, quilted jackets, Japanese kimonos, Indonesian batik prints, and the Hawaiian print shirt have all had cycles of popularity without ever really going out of style.

You can explore Eastern and Chinese clothing influences on this page devoted to Asian style is newly replenished with a few suggestions.

Silk blouse Indian Emerald (India)
Silk blouse Indian Emerald (India)
Designer Jariya Kakaew brings classic Chinese design motifs to the cutting edge of contemporary style with the dramatic asymmetric hemline of this cool cotton blouse. The geometric patterns accent the V-neckline, inspired by the surplice neckline of the kimono and echoed in the deep border of the kimono sleeves.

This breezy tea-colored cotton is a little sheer, so you will want to wear a pretty camisole or a tee-shirt underneath.

I love jewel colors, and I figure we cannot go wrong with the rich feel of silk. This pretty silk jacket blouse shines like an emerald jewel.

Whether you wear these pretty tops with leggings, slacks, or a skirt, the perfect footwear is ballet flat. They are a modern update of the round-toed shoes so often seen in vintage prints of Chinese women in traditional work garb.

Above left, Bueno II' by Hush Puppies; is a classic ballet flat available with leather or suede uppers and the traditional tiny bow at the vamp.

Darling Flower Flats add a pretty posy to the toe, a perfect complement for Asian styles strong on bright floral prints. Pick a summer color, such as pink, for added flare.


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"I love the mystery and exoticism of Chinese culture, and the simple, timeless nature . . . In the West, each period is marked by a distinct style, but in the East, even things made 300 years ago look perfectly conemporary today."

-- Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlaine cosmetics director, in Elle Décor quotations.


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The heavy weight of South Florida weather, hot and humid, fetid with the growth of plants and steaming with daily thunderstorms, keeps me indoors much of the day.

Using Audible downloads has proved a good – but less than perfect – motivator to walk more often. How I miss my twice daily walks with my dogs.

What a poor choice I made to move into a condo that does not allow pets just before the housing market crash.

Like the cycles of the planets, life follows its own cycles. Poor decisions follow good; good follow poor. I learn from each.

The wheel of life grinds on.

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