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Celebrate Whimsy with an Ugly Holiday Sweater
December 19, 2014


The so-called ugly Christmas sweater is everybody's darling this holiday season.
Nouveaux Stripe Snowman Pullover Sweater M, Red/White

Ugly sweater parties by the dozens are celebrating the apparel that only a short time ago no one of taste dared don.

The pullover snowman sweater, left, breaks every fashion combining rule with stripes, checks, and plaid in one madly merry concoction.
Sparkling Snowflakes Vest

Sparkling snowflakes glitter with beads, metallic thread, and sequins on this vest that may be worn throughout the winter.

If you wear it in Florida, it will become blatantly inappropriate and kitsch of course.

Major media organizations everywhere are rushing to report on the trend from CBS to the New York Daily News
Sparkling Floral Pullover Sweater

The next example is boldly colorful. Crystals sparkle on the front of this floral pullover.

If these aren't gaudy enough, get out a glue gun, glitter and sequins, and your favorite iron-on holiday motifs and make your own.

People are saying "No" in a big way to fashion gurus who proclaimed that kitsch was kaput.

If you can't indulge a bit of whimsy at this time of the year, when will you ever let your inner hoyden dance in the snow?


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"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a lot of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." -- E. F. Schumacher, economist, philosopher, and scholar


Organically, I am drawn to the theme of simplicity this holiday season.

Sara Ban Breathnach has sounded the clarion call for Simple Abundance in her subtitled A Daybook of Comfort and Joy for more than a decade.

I want even less than abundance, which conjures images of rooms too full of things, however loved they may be; rather simplicity in its sparest yet esthetically pleasing forms: doing less, eating less, wanting less; imagining more, creating more, enjoying more.

I am not hypnotically attracted to all the sweets of the season for the first time in memory; without exerting any willpower, I simply want to indulge less.

There is grace and ease as I detach from the commercial hurly-burly this season has become, not the denial we frequently associate with having less.

Please give yourself permission to do less this year, to spend less, to eat less, to do less, and to enjoy every second of the time you lavish on yourself to just be you without shoulding all over yourself.

Peace and blessings.

Enid Sefcovic, Publisher, Fashion After 50
3700 Inverrary Drive Fort Lauderdale, FL

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