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The Secret Ingredient to Add Pizzazz to Your Style
December 06, 2015

Hello All --

No sooner had I sent off a newsletter declaring I would not be working much on Fashion After 50 than my rebellious Self took renewed interest in updating some of the older pages.

Here’s a fresh look at the warm and comfy women’s down coat, a major overhaul of one of the older pages.

I am putting the finishing touches on another link will soon appear as link from the home page.
Belt, 'Color Fest' (Brazil)
'Color Fest' (Brazil) stands out as uniquely colorful and eco-conscious, made of recycled magazines.


A well-chosen belt may be just the secret ingredient to add pizzazz to your style. Here are four good reasons to take stock of the belts in your wardrobe. A belt can:

  1. Emphasize your figure.
  2. Compensate for your body type.
  3. Tie together or define a look.
  4. Add pizzazz.

Almost every woman needs a few belts in neutral colors – black, tan, white – to thread through the loops of slacks.

These are usually thin or medium-thin, ranging from an inch to perhaps 1.5 inches.

Harem Belt in shimmer gold embellished with tiny mirrors, zardozi embroidery, seed beads, sequins, paillettes and swingy pearl fringe is on-trend way to add holiday flash to your plainest garments.
Skinny belts are easiest to wear for most body types. In fact, if you don’t have much of a defined waistline, a skinny belt is just the thing to create the illusion of one.

Pear and hourglass with defined waistlines can carry off the medium and wide looks.

If you have a long torso (sometimes called long waisted), you can carry off wide belts. A really nice wide leather belt can cost quite a bit, so look for these in thrift stores and on sale.

A belt can tie together or define a look. A bright belt or metallic belt adds fashion chic to an outfit of monochrome colors.

For example, I have a neutral-printed skirt that I wear with a neutral beige-gold scarf threaded with metallic gold threads. When I found a very narrow animal-print belt with low-key gold glitter surface, it was the perfect accessory to tie together the look.

Sometimes such finds are happy accidents rather than something we look for. My imagination is not sufficient for me to have conjured a belt so well-suited to the that ensemble.

Wool belt Black Night Bouquet (Peru)
Wool belt Black Night Bouquet (Peru) is a colorful statement belt for securing a heavy wrap or wearing low-slung.

You also can use a belt to add definition to a look, for example to mark the break between a loose top and skinny pants or body-hugging top and loose pants. A bulky sweater, poncho, or wrap can be secured at the waistline with a wide belt to create a feminine silhouette and add warmth. Wear it low-slung if your waist is not noticeably smaller than your torso.

You can use a belt to add pizzazz to an out – for example, a scarf can be adapted as an obi belt, a trend for the past year or so. Experiment with knots to add a focal point. Wear it low-slung if you have no defined waist or waist is not noticeably smaller than torso

A bright belt or metallic belt adds fashion chic to an outfit of monochrome colors.

Suede, tied, fringe, and grommet belts are in. Matchy-matchy has been out for some time. For a good guide (except for the advice that belt, shoes, and handbag should match), has a thorough report on belts for body type.


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My inner goddess has been watching Christmas movies on Lifetime and Hallmark and not at all living up to my expectations of how a goddess should behave.

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Celebrate with glee -- even if you are not celebrating anything in particular.

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