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Shop Smart with These Three Tips
February 27, 2015

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The key to mastering sales savings is to avoid distractions.

How often -- be honest now -- have we seen something on sale and were seized by the sudden sensation that we just had to have that . . . mascara that makes our eyes itch . . . sequin top that we have no place to wear . . . darling high heel shoes that we can't last in an hour because of knee, hip, or foot problems?

No matter how good the deal, there is one simple principle to remember at these times:

Saving money is saving, spending money is spending, and sales spending is spending NOT saving.

Once money leaves the wallet, it is gone, no matter how little or how much.

Promises that we will save money by spending it? Darlings, this is a lie.

The only way to save money is to keep it in our pockets -- or banks -- or retirement accounts.

Winter sales are an especially dangerous.

If you have been house-bound in the USA's brutal bout of snow and cold, those new sheets may be an appealing alternative to the set you are tired of washing.

You may even really, truly need linens. If you have had sheets on your shopping list for a while, now may be the time to buy. You will spend less, but make no mistake: you are spending, not saving.

That's a second tip for maximizing the savings potential of sales: make lists.

If you have a smart phone that should be a snap. If you still use pen and paper as I do, create a small dedicated notepad in your purse that will be easy to find in a pinch.

Have separate lists for wardrobe items, household, gardening, kitchen, and bath. These are not shopping lists so much as reminders of what to buy when a sale catches your eye: things to buy but not necessarily right now.
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Divide lists by category, so you aren't looking at a mixed-up list that contains lamps and towels, along with blouses and shoes.

Be like Santa, and check your list twice before making an impulse buy. Make it easy to see each list at a glance.

Reminding myself that I need a new set of walking shoes that will cost upward of a hundred bucks makes it easier to forgo one more cute tee-shirt of which I already have dozens.

That's how we avoid those pesky distraction.

The Fashion After 50 website survives because readers link to retailers from this newsletter or the site pages. Still I wish for all of us to shop smart and make the most of our blessings!

Summary: Three tips for saving money on sales:
  • Resist temptations.
  • Fix firmly in your mind that you never save money by spending money; they are two different activities no matter what retailers tell us.
  • Keep lists and check them before making an impulse buy.




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    "No one ever pretended that shopping for anything is a rational experience. If it were, would there be Fluffernutter? Laceless sneakers? Porkpie hats? Would the Chia Pet even exist?" -- Jeffrey Kluger, writer


    I'm a fan of Kim Harrison's The Hollows series featuring Rachel Morgan, a witch and day-walking demon.

    It's light reading, to be sure, and I haven't managed to catch every single book.

    What Harrison has achieved that is remarkable is character growth. I am a fan of John D. MacDonald's Tavis McGee mysteries series, for example, and I have read every novel, some twice.

    McGee and his friend, the brainy economist Myers, tend to wax more philosophical in the latter books than the earlier ones. But I can’t say I saw much change. They became more of what they were in their earlier years, as many of us do.

    In the Hollow series, we have a chance to observe how Rachel becomes more nuanced to various shades of gray (No, not that Grey!) as she walks the line between trying to do what's right but must take responsibility for actions that will taint her own aura with what is called smut in the novels.

    She also becomes a stronger, more independent woman who is less likely to define herself in relation to a man in her life.

    Trent Kalamack, initially the embodiment of selfishness, corporate money and power run wild, becomes a father, a friend, and more as his beliefs and values metamorphose.

    Harrison also does a fabulous job of world-building, creating a complete cosmology for relationships between the various fantasy races, including witches, weres, demons, fairies, elves, and two orders of vampires.

    The relations of all this to Expressing the Goddess in our own lives is tenuous, but Rachel Morgan is on my mind because in the series installment I've just completed, The Undead Pool , Rachel comes in contact with the mind of a goddess consciousness and it almost drives her mad.

    If you have some stretches of time during these long winter days indoors and if you enjoy fantasy, and urban fantasy in particular, you might want to look up the series and borrow one from a library for some escapist reading. The first book is Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, Book 1)

    Love, peace, and blessings,

    Enid Sefcovic, Publisher
    Fashion After 50
    3700 Inverrary Drive
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