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Kimonos: Asian Influence Adds Exotic Style to Summer Wardrobe
July 17, 2015

Valentina Robe by Natori - BLACK MULTI

Kimono and kimono-sleeve styles kick it up a notch when it comes to Asian style influencing Western fashion.

The Valentina Robe by Natori blends the colorful flowers typical of Asian fabrics with bold, contemporary graphics, tied together on a black background. Click on photos for more information about any garment on this page.

It’s sophisticated and on-sale at Soft Surroundings Outlet, one of many retailers offering summer specials. Save $10 off $50 using code 10off, or $20 off $100 using code 20off at Soft Surroundings Outlet.

Kimono-style vests abound in every price category.
Dynamic Floral KimonoTravelers Collection Cool Tropic Kimono

The delicate blue concoction, right, Dynamic Floral Kimono, has an interesting high-low hemline. The blues reflect the dazzling shades of sky and sea in the summer. Click on photo for more information.

It's no surprise I have a soft spot for Asian style. With many veterans returning from the Asian theater in World War II, American homes often displayed objects flooding in from the East. My parents were no exception.

Chinese and Japanese paintings, dishware, dolls, lacquered music boxes, and tchotkes have influenced my respect for Asian design.

The serene green floral kimono, Travelers Collection Cool Tropic Kimono, evokes the serenity and delicacy of the Japanese meditation garden, cherry blossoms falling like snow in the spring, and paper lanterns fluttering on a breeze.

With its emphasis on simplicity, harmony, and high quality details, such as silk fabric and embroidery, Asian fashion stands out for me as eternally elegant.

Kimono tops in colorful floral and abstract prints in sheer fabrics may be dressed up or down to wear almost anywhere.
Black Label Kimono Jacket

A pretty kimono top may dress up leggings or jeans. Wrap one around you as a beach or patio cover-up.

Accessorize with colorful jewelry and wear with evening slacks or a long, flowing skirt for a sophisticated evening look appropriate for any party from a museum to a mansion.

An exception to the florals dominating the summer fashion scene is Chico’s Black Label Kimono Jacket., a sophisticated look that is especially appropriate for dressing up.

With a white top and black slacks, it offers an Asian-inspired alternative to the women’s tuxedo suit. Shop Chico's and take 20% Off Already Reduced Styles

Arty and Bohemian, comfortable yet elegant, wearing a kimono projects a sophisticated sense of self, style, and world.

Many kimonos, like the Angie Short-Sleeve Kimono Cardigan add a touch of fringe.

This fashion-forward detail up the Bohemian, fun feel of the garment and combines two trends. Best of all, this one also is available with a special offer. Extra 20% off Macy's Super Saturday Sale with code SUPER. Valid 7/17-7/19

Have fun finding the perfect kimono to add a touch of the East to your wardrobe. And visit this page page for more kimono-dressing styles and to learn more about why Asian fashion is flattering and classic for us older gals.


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"A novelist can't be without a kimono and a pen (Shigure)" --Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket, Vol. 1

"I love kimonos because you can just throw them on over anything. Ever since I got my first kimono . . . in high school and thought, 'This is amazing; I can wear it with everything.'" -- --Lizzo, American musician



After a lifetime of being interested in astrology, I am finally studying my own chart in depth – slowly, and at my own pace.

Demetra George's Astrology for Yourself: How to Understand And Interpret Your Own Birth Chart is perfect, because it is a workbook that takes the reader through the process of interpreting a birth chart step-by-step.

Feminine wisdom is embodied in many of the old myths that have survived in astrological lore. This is the wisdom of intuition, emotional connection, and healing that has been discounted during the long centuries that the scientific paradigm has prevailed.

Believe me, I am not knocking science. It has extended lives and made our world better in many ways.

Yet all around me, I see people starting to honor the feminine side of our complete, full, and authentic selves.

The wisdom of Venus and the Moon are two symbols of the feminine ways of conceptualizing life as a set of emotional patterns based in family, community, and intuitive ways of knowing.

Much of astrology embodies ancient myths, and these also have provided insight into psychological patterns that have marked humans since the beginnings of our civilization.

So I also am dipping into The Mythic Journey: The Meaning of Myth as a Guide for Life. These are short sketches of ancient western myths, with interpretations about how they embody psychological patterns we see and experiences in everyday life.

It's good they are short, because – despite author Liz Green’s stellar reputation -- I did not find her writing compelling in Astrology for Lovers. I never finished reading it.

I have cut back my time on campus, so now is a great time to become absorbed in new studies and new activities.

How do you let the feminine wisdom of relationships, emotional ties, and intuition shape you and your life?

Kind regards,

Enid Sefcovic, Publisher
Fashion After 50
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