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After the Deluge, You'll Still be Stylish with Two Precautions
July 24, 2015


The rain slants sideways, billowing across the road in circular shapes that follow each other like waves at the shore.

Umbrellas turn inside out.

A hip-length raincoat leaves most of me exposed and drenched by the time I reach shelter.

I wait in the car for yet another Florida thunderstorm to pass.

This has happened twice in the last two days. "Every minute in the car seems like it will never end," observed the storekeeper.

The unisex rain cape, above, from Brooks England LTD. stows easily into the integrated pouch and is especially designed for cyclists magnetic straps at the hem that can be slipped over your handlebars for extra protection. Pull-string closures ensure protection from squalls, also great for people who go boating.

I snag my rain ponchos cheap, like the Frogg Toggs Action Poncho Adult, Blue for just over 12 bucks at

I cannot count the times that a rain poncho, which folds into a flat square about 4 x 4 inches, has allowed me to make a break for it and keep an appointment relatively dry.

When the wind is furiously driving the wind horizontally, I roll up pants legs. To secure them, pinch a tiny pleat in the bottom hem to narrow the cuff so it stays up on your calf.

A second rain precaution that will help you arrive stylishly dry -- and on time -- without having to wait out the storm is stashing umbrellas everywhere. Totes Totesport Manual Umbrella , Black
Totes Totesport Manual Umbrella , Black

I keep an umbrella at home, in the car, at the office, and in any travel bag I am taking with me. If you have other family members, you will need even more.

My philosophy toward umbrellas is "Buy 'em often, and buy 'em cheap." They turn inside out or the ribs get misshapen, or the fabric will develop a hole someplace, or dollars-to-donuts, I will leave it someplace.

The black totes folding umbrella at $12 is ideal. I can cram it into a larger purse, a PC case, or a carry-on bag.

On the other hand, every once in a while a pretty umbrella, like Van Gogh's Starry Nights at Potpourri, may capture my fancy. At $24, it's doable. But you will not catch me spending more on an umbrella than I spend on my jackets.

Van Gogh "Starry Night" Umbrella
Van Gogh

It is not stylish to arrive looking like a cat that fell into the sewer, hair wet enough to dry with a towel, makeup running, and clothing in desperate need of a dryer.

These two simple preparations are not glamorous, but I am grateful for my forethought – taught to me by my prudent mother -- every time I am caught in a subtropical downpour I cannot avoid.


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"There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing." -- Alfred Wainwright, British guidebook author


I've been studying astrology, not because I believe that the planets and stars influence worldly affairs, but as another way to connect to the natural world and the archetypal energies that are part of our psychic DNA.

Indeed, Adam Adamski argues (NeuroQuantology, Sept. 2011) that there is biological basis for Jung’s theory of archetypal energies operating in what he called the collective unconscious. He calls upon “quantum psychology” for his explanation.

Venus going retrograde in Leo on July 25, after she briefly kisses Virgo, is a hot topic in astrology.

This is an opportunity to revisit old relationships, heal old wounds, and set ourselves free for new relationships.

We may do this at any time of any year, of course.

Being in tune with the universal cycles of the planets gives us recurrent opportunities to revisit familiar issues such as this one.

As a sentimental old Taurus, I often repine on the past, friends gone from my life, and my youth.

It is quite silly, because I was often anguished in my youth. So much passion, so many hormones, so much energy, so much sturm and drang. And often much ado about nothing.

I am more balanced and contented now. Yet I often face toward the past instead of enjoying the present or envisioning a bright future.

This article at Astrology Hub is written in plain English and does a good job of providing actionable tips.

For example, there is a list of words such as review, reflect, revise, to help us get started on reframing our past relationships that are freighted with emotional baggage we continue to carry without good reason.

It ends with questions to provoke inner reflection, such as "Reconsider what you learned from former loves."

Don't be surprised if old lovers and friends turn up between now and Sept. 6 when the planet of love and eros turns direct.

These are opportunities to reassess and realize closure.

You will find a lot of information on the Internet and youtube, if you are interesting in exploring this archetypal pattern of the lover.

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