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March 27, 2015

Tommy Bahama dress, Zappos. Pros: Viscose-Modal fabric resists wrinkles, drapes beautifully. Flattering style for many figures. Longer hemline. Cons: Drab color, a tad over-priced at $138. Returned.

I have recently heard from two of you who are disappointed that product photos do not feature older women. Thank you for letting me know how strongly you feel about this.

These photos come from retailers, such as Zappos, Macys, and others featured. I urge you to let them know about your feelings.


Short-short skirts, fit-and-flare styles, and designer insistence on polyester fabrics make shopping for nice dresses a chore.

I took last weekend off from writing this newsletter to put together some pretty clothes for a trip. My professional wardrobe is slacks, tops, and blazers. It's trim and sensible, but I am tired of looking tailored and professional.

I want to break out! After a trip to the uber-mall of fashionistas, Town Center in Boca Raton, a quick trip through Saks Fifth Avenue reveled that a garment that costs more than my monthly expenses may use polyester fabric. Why the prejudice against natural fibers?

Fashion After 50 earns a commission on your purchases at Amazon, - Homepage, and, but has not affiliate relationship with Bluefly, Overstock, or Zulilly.

All items, except from one dress from amazon which appears to be missing in transit, arrived in 5 days.

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Peruvian Connection was the only store to care enough about its products to ship in a box. Neither dress is still on the site. A black fit-and-flare dress had high quality cotton knit. At $199, I expect perfect fit.

The Zulilly navy-and-white striped knit is a near-hit. Be aware that Zulilly still requires a special return authorization, a bit arcane in today's online shopping world.

Both Bluefly dresses are spot-on. A navy blue silk dress with cut-out sleeves is so glam, I just hope I can find someplace to wear it! A black knit fit-and-flare looks better on me than that from Peruvian Connection.

Overstock's black-and-white knit dress was the biggest disappointment. Baggy and shapeless, poor quality cotton knit, plus it costs more than $8 to return it, eating into the refund.

Here are few guidelines I put together for myself when choosing dresses.

1. Sleeves cover upper arms, even if only cap sleeves.

2. Solids are forgiving. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

3. Shifts often look better from the front than the side and back. Look in a three-way mirror.

4. Fit and flare styles may add bulk to the hips, a place where I don't want eyes to go.

5. I have good legs, so while I cannot wear short skirts to work, I can enjoy showing off my gams in sandals this summer. Time to slather them with suntan lotion and head for the pool so they aren’t pasty white.



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"Darling, the legs aren't so beautiful; I just know what to do with them." -- Marlene Dietrich

"Beautiful? It's all a question of luck. I was born with good legs. As for the rest, beautiful, no. Amusing, yes." -- --Josephine Baker


This week I learned that I man I had loved in my youth died a tragic death from an overdose some years ago. He was only 55.

We did not use the word love when we were together; that wasn't popular in the era of drug, sex, rock'n'roll.

He was a sweet, sensitive, kind young man, and our time together was one of the most magical of my life.

I think about how he must have felt so overwhelmed at the end.

I had become curious about how his life turned out and even hired a detective agency to locate him, something I have never done before. It was during this search that I became aware that yes, indeed, I had loved him -- something I had not acknowledged to myself.

When the brutal news came, I dissolved into tears. I didn't know one could feel physically ill from grief.

I am stoic. Feeling moved so many years after I last saw him comes as a surprise. If I had reached out sooner, if he had known he was loved and valued, could it have made a difference?

It may be arrogant to think so; we choose our paths.

One lesson scorched on my heart now: Say "I love you" more often. Don't let pride and fear get in the way of expressing love, as I did, because rejection is easier to bear than "what if?"

Be lavish with praise and encouragement. Don't hesitate to get in contact with people from the past: Do it now, do it often.

If I could live another 200 years with good health, I might finally be good at being a person.

Love, peace, and blessings,

Enid Sefcovic, Publisher
Fashion After 50
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