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Leather Gloves Can Be Sexy, Chic, Colorful, and Fun
March 06, 2015


There is something elegant and more than a little bit sexy about pulling on leather gloves.

It is an accessory touch that seems mostly lost in our modern world.

Sure, we all wear gloves to keep our hands warm in winter. But the notion of gloves as a chic style statement seems something from bygone eras.

That's a shame, with so many delicious colors on the market today. Click on the photo, right, to see these at Macy's.

Another fabulous option is Fratelli Orsini Everyday Women's Open Back Leather Driving Gloves. Faced with a rainbow of hues, I am having a hard time making up my mind which ones I want.

Cork-colored pigskin driving gloves were a must-have accessory in my days of wearing mini-skirts, driving an MGB, and pretending to be the A.J. Foyt of the powder room. What fun!

Of course, there were only a few colors for gloves back then -- black, dark brown, and cognac or cork color.

Gloves also have practical uses.
Donning one's gloves signals end a conversation.

Even if the other person gets in one last word, the parting shot is superfluous once a woman has dismissed the speaker by gazing toward her hands.

Gloves show we care about every last detail of an ensemble. The phrase "fits like a glove" may subconsciously evoke in others the impression that everything you wear fits perfectly and has been chosen with care.

Women wore crocheted gloves in summer, so one never suffered the unfeminine inconvenience of sweaty palms. The intricate designs were lacy and airy.

Phyllis Diller quipped, "Old age is when the liver spots show through your gloves."

This playful exaggeration reminds that gloves can hide such imperfections as hands raw from gardening or stained with paint from your favorite hobby. In the end, they will be cheaper than weekly nail appointments.

Today's gloves range from around $30 to more than twice that. In that sense, too, they represent a symbol of investing in quality for the way we present ourselves.

As you put together your spring wardrobe during these cold and snowy winter days, do consider adding a touch of lovely color to your hands with a finishing touch to your ensemble of some oh-so-feminine gloves.


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