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Listen Your Key to Charm and Style
May 01, 2015

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Listening is the secret of charm.

We often say that a young woman's face is a gift and, after a certain age, we have the face we have earned.

There is nothing like expressing authentic interest in another person to boost your charm and charisma.

My favorite story about the power of listening comes from an interview I read with the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, when she was an old woman.

The reporter -- a man -- observed that when the Duchess fixed her eyes on him as she listened, he felt like a king.

Wallis Simpson, you may recall, was the paramour of King Edward VIII of England. He gave up the throne in 1936 to marry her, because a king could not marry a commoner, no less a divorcee.

Astonishingly a man who actually was a king apparently felt more like a king in Wallis Simpson's presence than when he occupied a throne.

Little adjustments, such as eye contact and making sure that your toes as well as the rest of your body directly face the person talking to you, can make a difference in how you are perceived. I highly recommend Olivia Fox Chabane's The Charisma Myth for research-based suggestions.

Nothing is more stylish than charm -- and it doesn’t disappear when there are wrinkles on our faces nor if our clothes are less than glamorous.


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"There's a difference between beauty and charm. A beautiful woman is one I notice. A charming woman is one who notices me." -- John Erskine

In my birthday month, I feel inspired by ancient archetypal patterns of energy from astrology -- based on mythic stories of gods and goddesses -- and spring rites.

Earth flowers, beautiful colors pattern the plants, the sun shines warms us with golden rays, the sky is a porcelain blue dome, sudden showers nurture growth, and the world is full of life and possibility.

Listening to the rhythms of life is as important for inner balance as listening to people is for enriching outer connections.

Becoming aware of the ancient archetypal stories, the patterns of energy in which are embedded, is important because:

  • Feeling a sense of meaning in one's life part of positive mental health. People who survive life's cataclysmic misfortunes are those who make meaning through art, crafts, or other endeavors, or who appreciate meaning in art, nature, and people.

  • Awareness of our deep connections to Mother Earth and our human lineages enriches personal life and builds out the network that holds the possibility for uniting all people in peace.

  • Knowing about the age-old stories of fairy tales, myths, and world religions provides clues for how we can live our highest ideals and be our best selves.

  • Great mythic archetypal stories provide wisdom for constructively integrating the shadow side of being, those parts of ourselves we do not wish to acknowledge.

  • It can be fun entertaining, and enlightening, to review the great mythic stories of shared human experience. We can learn a lot about other cultures, past and present, and broaden our perspectives.

  • Myths can provide guidance. The fashion archetypes , for example, offer guidance for building a style wardrobe and adding elements that we want to express more often.

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Kind regards,

Enid Sefcovic, Publisher
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