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Giving Tuesday
November 29, 2015

Hello All,
green gifts

Giving Tuesday is December 1.

This appeals to me more than Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the USA's annual spending bacchanalia.

Yet it is your clicks and purchases from affiliate retailers that keeps Fashion After 50 alive. Therefore, gift suggestions will include some ads that make it easier for you to find charitable giving ideas. Please KNOW: I am not endorsing any particular charity.

I did some checking of how much money goes to charities from some organizations you may see. I often found too little information, information that was hard to evaluate for accuracy, or conflicting views. Please do your own due diligence.
Meaningful Gifts at NOVICA

Charity Navigator is one site that offers to help you find charities worthy of your donations. You will have to evaluate its usefulness for yourself.

Future of Fashion After 50

Fashion After 50 was a pioneering idea when I launched it in 2008. Older women were ignored by the fashion industry.

The message was: Let's use clothing to express who we are, refuse to be defined by corporate America, advertising, and the fashion industry, and continue to fashion our inner selves with discovery and growth.

I have emphasized developing your personal style rather than being a trend- follower, expressing our best selves (divine inner goddess energies), and feeling good as we age.

My agenda from the start has been, "Come for the clothes, stay for the archetypes."

Lots of Choices Now

Now there are many sites about fashion for mature women. A score of blogs have photos of older women in their beautiful and creative outfits. The photos are professional.

I am not ashamed of the way I look, but I do not like attention on my physical self. I am a wordsmith, not a model.

Along the way of writing this site and awakening to the world situation, I am increasingly sensitive to the plight of women and children working in sweatshop and slave labor conditions.

Awakening to the World

What does style mean if I am wearing someone else's suffering? How am I fashioning my inner self and my outer world if I do not take account of this?

I am troubled by a consumerist culture that builds identity and the economy around planned obsolescence endless buying.

Fair trade garments are challenging to research, not always affordable, and rarely something that I can wear outside of a yoga class.

Not buying is not a solution, either. The people working in the sweatshops need that income, too. What are they do?

Solutions involve many of us adopting new ways of living and being in the world. Sacrifice – real sacrifice – and hard choices may be needed.

Are you familiar with this song lyric? "Let peace begin on Earth, and let it begin with me."

Change also starts at the individual level.

For the Near Future

I will continue to update Fashion After 50 at least twice a year, for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter fashions. I will add pages if anything strikes me. The newsletter will appear sporadically.

Some of best pages have been contributions from you -- Rockies and France by Eileen Rowe, the importance of core exercises for looking good in clothing by Carol Venuto , and why T-shirts are a great wardrobe staple by Dar Heffron.

If you have any thoughts, photos or an article to contribute, please give me a holler.



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"The Christmas season has come to mean the period when the public plays Santa Claus to the merchants." -- John Andrew Holmes at Quote Garden


I stopped wearing fragrances for decades. Most made me sneeze. I didn't have any money to waste on anything not necessary.

And I was mindful of how many people have environmental allergies.

Out of the blue I decided I want to wear a fresh, clean scent. I found two, and I am enjoying this change.

I thought it might be fun it you would like to express yourself using the sensual trigger of a fragrance that expresses your identity when I found this Macy's ad.

"The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a future spreads in all directions." – Chanakya, early Indian philosophy at Brainyquote

Disclosure: Fashion After 50 earns a commission when readers purchase from retailers or buy products featured in the newsletter and on the website. The site has affiliate agreements with retailers I trust, but I cannot guarantee you will be satisfied with every purchase; that is between you and the store. I feature fashion products because I like them.

Kind regards,

Enid Sefcovic, Publisher
Fashion After 50
3700 Inverrary Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319
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