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Earrings Add Glam Every Day of the Week
October 17, 2014


Sterling Running Horse Earrings
A symbolic animal is a great choice for an everyday earring, linking you with a hobby or totem.

Whether you are running to the store in jeans and boots, off to the movies when you will sit in the dark, or dressing for a significant event, earrings give a finished look.

French women are famous for looking terrific by wearing earrings and a nice scarf wherever they go.

My everyday favorites are gold button suns purchased on a trip to the Mayan Coast two years ago. They make me think of joy and warmth when I put them on each day.

Quartz earrings, 'Starfish' (Brazil)
Quartz starfish earrings from Brazil are whimsical and fun.
Stud and button earrings that lie close to the head look best on many older women.

I don't want anything to call attention to the little jowel-like pouches above my chin, even though other people swear these are nothing. I know they are there, and I prefer not to decorate them with shiny, sparkling attention-getters.

I tolerate small hoop earrings, usually with lever-backs.

My sole remaining chandelier earrings are a waterfall of tiny beads that end with silver stars, cascading from silver crescent moons.
Cotton dangle earrings Ewuraesi (Ghana)
Cotton dangle earrings from Ghana offer fall colors and an ethnic touch. A bit of dangle flatters square and rounder faces.
I wear them occasionally and pretend I am a Bohemian artist living in Santa Fe.

Shane Company (not an affiliate of Fashion After 50) has a clear, concise guide to earring styles.

Adding earrings is a chic way to feel polished and ready for the day. They take only a moment. I keep my faves in a small cut-glass dish with my watch and work badge on my dresser – easy to reach and hard to forget.

If you are crafty, this tutorial shows how to make your own fabric-covered button earrings to match any outfit.


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By far my favorite day skin cream, I haven't treated myself to this for over a year. So this special limited-time offer has my interest.

Velvet skin coat goes on like silk and makes me feel radiant.
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"It is true that in France, women put on less things. If they have a necklace, they don't put on earrings. If they have nail polish, they don't put on all their rings and all their bracelets." -- Ines de La Fressange, (French model, designer, and perfumer)


Time seems denser as the end of the year approaches, as if the molecules of space were crowded more closely together.

Events chase each other, like squirrels on the lawn: Halloween, All Saints Day, followed swiftly by Election Day, then Veterans Day, a skip and a leap to Thanksgiving, the tide of preparations for Christmas and other religions’ seasonal celebrations. Finally, it is New Year's.

We slack off gradually from this dizzying round of observations with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday commemoration, Presidents' Day, and Valentine's.

These are ancient rhythms. Church authorities overlaid them on pagan holidays to give the populace something to do instead of reverting back to old ways and customs for a bit of good cheer.

The weather is beautiful in Florida in Winter, yet I find myself drawing inward, as if I still lived in the North. Hot tea and a good book beats the chill outdoors every time for me.

I have been reading more and becoming more focused anew on writing and the Fashion After 50 web site.

What rhythms of life resonate for you? How do you observe these deeply-felt needs of body and soul?

Kindly yours,

Enid Sefcovic, Publisher, Fashion After 50
3700 Inverrary Drive Fort Lauderdale, FL

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