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8 Trends to Watch for Fall-Winter Fashion
September 11, 2015


A slide show and new page identifying eight trends for Fall-Winter 2015-2016 is available by clicking the link.

From Seventies-Eighties Retro Bohemian to Victorian evening wear, long duster coats, and puffy fur sleeves, the current season offers a little something for every style preference. You can find out yours when you take the fashion archetype quiz here.


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"Bringing simplicity into our lives requires that we discover the ways in which our consumption either supports or entangles our existence." -- Duane Elgin


This new moon in Virgo, Saturday 2:14 a.m., is also a solar eclipse. It offers a time to clear out the old and allow new energies to come into our lives – as does every new moon.

As I start a study of astrology, I am not concerned with the purpose of prediction but rather becoming more keenly aware of the natural rhythms of life and the divine energies that sweep through the universe and hold all of creation in place.

I have been looking at my closet with a keen eye. Has it really been 10 years since I fit into that lovely silk two-piece outfit? I was so thin then, not eating because of various trials in my life. Food seemed to stick in my throat.

I could be that thin again, but ought I really continue to hang onto this barely worn garment when someone else might use it better?

At one point, I put a tiny label in every little worn item of clothing in my closet. I took the label off if I wore it. If the label was still there a year later, the item was donated.

I find it liberating to get rid of things I do not use. I always feel a bit lighter and happier when I do.

Old clothes, kitchen items I do not use, gifts that are stored in the corners of closets because I fear hurting the feelings of the giver by chucking it away, and even my old ideas about my Self, others, and life may be swept away as I welcome a new season.

Spring is not the only time for spring cleaning. Each moon cycle is an opportunity to sweep out the old and plant new seeds of intention.

How will you welcome this new moon cycle and the season of Autumn? What should be let go? What might be started with enthusiastic intention? What might be simplified to bring peace and harmony into the world?

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