Women Who Run with Wolves
Inspires Fashion Archetype Quiz

Women Who Run with the Wolves has become a classic analogy for tapping one's feminine creativity, thanks to the work of Jungian analyst Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

My creative wildness began clamoring for attention in 2004. I had locked it tightly away during graduate training that emphasizes disciplining the mind and requires disciplining the body for long periods of reading and research.

Estes classic Women Who Run with the Wolves (Ballentine, 1992) turned the key in the lock. Estes provided a wholistic perspective that made sense of ideas about women and creativity and reclaiming a sense of self in later life that had been burbling inside me for three years. I reported on the main points in my personal blog.

Wolves uncovers the feminine wisdom of folk tales, using Jungian interpretation. These cultural relics explain what happens to women when we cut off pieces of our creative spirit, and they show how we can reclaim our life force. The stories provide heroic examples of feminine power to inspire and guide us. I recommend this book as a starting place for rediscovering the joy of fashion as artful self-expression.

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