Aphrodite-Baubo Archetype Expresses Romance and Sexuality

Aphrodite-Baubo expresses her inner goddess with clothing that is feminine, flirty, and sometimes downright sexy.


This fashion archetype is keenly aware of her feminine silhouette and chooses clothing that flatters her figure and her skin coloring.

Aphrodite Is the Goddess of Love.

Aphrodite-Baubo is not one goddess or even two faces of the same goddess (like maiden-mother-crone) but a fusion that I use to portray the complex feminine side of today's older woman.

The archetypes of Aphrodite and Baubo together represent the cycles of a woman's sexuality throughout life.

Few women can retain a siren image after a certain age.

Mae West, one of the first blond bombshells, tried. She ended up a parody of herself at 80 in the 1970 film, Myra Breckinridge.

Baubo Embodies Earthy Sensuality

Baubo, who represents laughter, shows us the way to embody sensuality timelessly.

This figure from Greek myth tried to cheer up Demeter when she pined for her daughter who had joined Hades in the Underworld.

Baubo represents a natural transition from youthful siren to the earthy wry laugh, frank sexuality, and wisdom of the woman who has seen everything.

She is represented by the post-menopausal woman who turns to belly-dancing, according to Jean Bolen (Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes in Women over Fifty).

Aphrodite-Baubo does not need to flirt and play games like a younger woman vying for a man's attention. She is always herself, laughing through the tears that life inevitably brings and enjoying her sexuality.

A minor player in Greek mythology, her archetypal energy is an emergent pattern for the Boomer generation that participated in the sexual liberation of U.S. society.

Characteristics of Aphrodite-Baubo Fashion Archetype

Romantic, sexy, sensual, and feminine are keywords for this clothing style.

Dresses that drape, skirts that swish, blouses with ruffles and lace, and jackets that fit properly are part of her style arsenal.

I see Baubo in the well-kempt South American women of a certain age. They dress fearlessly and stylishly.

They are unafraid of color, décolleté, sequins and gold, high heels, and the latest fashions. They pull it off with panache. They embody the saying, If you've got it, flaunt it.

They ooze sexuality, self-care, and self-esteem.

Feminine Details Are Important to Aphrodite-Baubo

This fashion archetype wants to look feminine.

If her job requires conservative business suits, she is sure to add some ruffles, a bit of lace, a whimsical pin, or a softly-draped scarf.

Bawdy Baubo is the life of the party, a matchmaker and a bit of gossip. She may take up ballroom dancing at 70 and be the belle of the ball.

She has a gift for lightening the mood in any room of people. Baubo puts on makeup and does her hair to go to the supermarket.

Tailored slacks, a sweater or ribbed cotton shirt, and casual dress pumps with two-inch heels do nicely.

The Style Challenges: Abandon the Girlish, Avoid the Inappropriate

Baubo's challenge is flaunting her sexuality without looking cheap.

It's time to stop borrowing your teenage daughter's clothes. Instead, go shopping for a long full skirt with many colors, a Lycra bodice with draped front, gold hoop earrings, and dancing shoes.

Don't forget a bit of glitter in your hair, if it is a special occasion.

Other style challenges may involve health issues, such as the need to wear diabetic orthotics. Here are some ideas for glamorizing the rather plain styles that are available.

After a certain age, it may be time to temper this archetypal fashion style with others that more easily blend with comfort and the inevitable aging changes in our bodies.

How to Add Romance to Your Wardrobe

If your wardrobe could use a bit of feminizing, a blouse or top is a good place to start.

A top is a relatively minor investment and comes in many styles.

A ruffled blouse or cardigan are on-trend.

A quality fabric such as silk or burned-out velvet can add a stylish, feminine touch to your clothing.

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Skirts and dresses that flatter your legs are usually more feminine and romantic than slacks.

How Aphrodite-Baubo Relates to Other Fashion Archetypes

Strong Kali in your fashion profile can tempt you to wear inappropriate clothing that is too youthful or inappropriately revealing for the situation.

A strong Hecate in your profile can have a similar effect, but for a different reason. Hecate can get stuck in the past without realizing it, while Kali is always searching for ways for shake up those around her.

If you are an Aphrodite-Baubo with strong Hestia, the challenge is to avoid looking slatternly. You don't want to be the woman the cable guy describes like a character from a porno film when he gets back to the office.

Metis, Athena, and Sophia will mitigate the Aphrodite-Baubo tendency to go overboard with feminine styles.

Metis looks for quality and designer clothing; Athena is too practical to flaunt her sexuality in the boardroom; and Sophia's simple elegance will naturally avoid any fashion excesses.

As for Artemis, this outdoorsy fashion archeype is at the other end of the style spectrum from Aphrodite-Baubo.

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