Artemis Prefers Sporty and Casual Looks

Artemis prefers sporty and casual styles, but this doesn't necessarily mean cheap or messy. Katherine Hepburn is an exemplar of this fashion archetype.

Horsewomen who compete in their tall boots, riding jackets and fetching caps are another example of this style category. So is the cowgirl fashion plate in fringed jacket and suede slacks.

Artemis Is the Goddess of the Hunt

Artemis is the original nature girl.

She strides through the forests, friends with all the animals. Her arrows fly straight and true from her silver bow.

She protects the weak; in our times, she may work for idealistic causes.

She is strong of spirit, active, practical, and energetic.

Independence Is Her Hallmark

Jean Bolen (Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes in Women over Fifty). describes his Greek goddess as having an "independent spirit."

She may be a bit hotheaded, but she also recognizes her mistakes and feels remorse.

Known as Diana to the Romans, this feminine spirit goes fishing, trains dogs and horses, rescues cats, and may drive an RV.

Fashion Archetype Is Sporty and Active

A totally modern woman, she also fixes the hot water heater, builds shelves in the laundry room, and seals the driveway when needed.

Today's sportswoman is equally at home organizing protests and circulating human and animal rights petitions.

Her clothing must be well-made and timeless, because she cannot be bothered with shopping. Online shopping is perfect for her.

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Read more about casual style here.

How to Add Polish to This Natural Look

A woman guided by this fashion archetype is likely to favor pants suits, neutral colors, and flannel shirts.

Her challenge is finding attire that gives her a polished look in business and social situations.

In a cool climate, a suede skirt, boots, and vest in palomino gold may be a good choice for upscale social events or for meeting clients, if still employed.

In warmer weather, she may like a photographer’s jacket with plenty of pockets as part of an olive linen pants suit.

This inner goddess shows us how to dress as stylishly as Katherine Hepburn -- a prototypical Artemis -- in the 1930s and 1940s.

The Style Challenge: Toning Down the Tomboy

Artemis's challenge is to avoid looking like one of the guys.

There are many ways to feminize an outfit. A scarf, a nice watch, little gold ball earrings, and a nice necklace let the world know there's a real woman underneath the can-do approach to life.

A basic black dress will take Artemis through many social occasions without being a cross to bear.

Outdoors shoes are often heavy with practical purposes. Swap them out for some of the lighter women's comfort shoes that are increasingly available in flattering styles.

Everybody Needs A Little Artemis In Your Closet

Even if you are not the outdoorsy type, you are almost sure to be invited somewhere where casual clothes are needed.

Khakis are perennial favorites for slacks and casual jackets.

They also are great substitute if you no longer feel comfortable in blue jeans.

After a certain age, I'm a city gal who believes there comes a time to put away this youthful fabric.

How Artemis Style Relates to Other Fashion Archetypes

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Strong Kali in your fashion profile can tempt you to wear inappropriate clothing for the situation. For example, torn jeans are a tad too casual for a company picnic.

A strong Hecate in your profile also may result in the outdoorsy gal being a little too careless about how she looks.

On the other hand, Hecate's taste for handmade and craft items can add feminine touches; for example, a hand-tooled handbag can spice up that plain chino suit.

If you are an Artemis with strong Hestia, you may spend a lot of time in your garden. Take care of your skin and remember to change your clothes when you go to the market or out for dinner.

Metis, Athena, and Sophia will mitigate the Artemis tendency to go dress in an overly masculine way.

Metis looks for quality and designer clothing; this blend is typical of the so-called "horsey set" at the upper echelons of society.

Practical Athena isn't afraid to show her sexuality by wearing a v-neck vest under her business suit. Sophia's simple elegance will naturally avoid any fashion excesses.

As for Aphrodite-Baubo, this hyper-romantic fashion archetype is at the other end of the style spectrum from Artemis.

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