Athena Fashion Archetype Means Business

The Athena fashion archetype prefers business suits and practical wardrobe planning. She looks for multi-functional garments and lasting quality.

Like Artemis, this style category baulks when she has to buy something for a dress-up occasion that costs a fortune and will be worn only once.

Whatever her activities, she approaches how to dress as a puzzle in wise spending and appropriate dressing.

Practical Wisdom: Build Wardrobe Pragmatically

Athena was born directly out of Zeus’s head. She did not remember her mother, Metis, who was swallowed by Zeus when she was pregnant.

She embodies the quality of practical wisdom.

This goddess fashion archetype may paint, sing, weave, sew, bead, work with polymer clay, bake or cook.

She may be a computer whiz, a CEO, or a top performing executive.

Use Practical Creativity to Renew Old Clothes

This goddess can make something from nothing.

If your wardrobe needs some renovations and you lack funds, ask your a friend guided by this archetype to help you turn old clothing into wearable art.

Known as Minerva to the Romans, a woman with strong qualities of this archetype is likely to have managed money and wardrobe efficiently as she reaches that time of life the French call a certain age.

Accessories Add Flare

Whatever your occupation or pastime, if you identify with this fashion archetype, you want a uniform for how to dress -- be it painter's coveralls or Chanel suits.

Once you make a decision about what functions well in your life, you will stick with the plan until required to rethink the strategy.

I received an email from a reader who wrote that she doesn't need the Fashion After 50 newsletter: She wears tees and capris now that she is retired.

This is a very Athena approach to how to dress.

Well-cut suits of quality fabrics are a good choice for the working goddess of practical wisdom

How Not To Be Boring

The advantage of this approach to dressing is that you will have many interchangeable parts in your wardrobe, especially if you have paid attention to fashion color coordination.

The downside is boring, predictable outfits.

Spruce up older dress-for-success suits in dark colors with silk blouses in flattering colors.

Add a vivid silk scarf and turquoise leather handbag to that tee and capri slacks.

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Sweaters, shawls, and well-cut jackets with attractive details ward off a chill and finish costumes with style.

Don't Be Too Pragmatic

Another challenge for this style categoriy is chosing clothing for strictly pragmatic purposes.

Poor fashion decisions for this fashion archetype are wearing one-size fits all caftans that hide her assets. She also may use baggy clothing may as her armor. In the country, she may wear big, saggy, colorless sweaters.

A good friend and a three-way mirror can help Athena how to dress bring energy and confidence to her wardrobe.

Susan Sarandan is usually photographed in public in clothing that exemplifies this fashion archetype -- flattering, appropriate for the occasion, but rarely over-the-top.

Everybody Needs A Little Athena Style

Even if you are mostly in another fashion category, a little bit of this inner goddess will help you with basic wardrobe planning.

This practical approach to how to dress can prevent over-spending and building a look that is just right for you.

Every fashion archetype benefits from attention to quality and cost-per-wearing when buying clothing.

How Practical Style Relates to Other Fashion Archetypes

Strong Artemis in your fashion profile can tempt you to hold on to outdoors wear that ought to be thrown away.

The tee shirt with streaks of several different colors of house paint on it that you have been wearing for the past 10 years is not appropriate for going to the supermarket.

Hecate taste for handmade and craft items can add feminine touches; for example, a hand-tooled handbag can spice up that plain chino suit.

There is strong overlap with Metis in the preference for high-quality garments. Their reasoning is different, however.

Metis wants high-fashion, designer duds that turn heads when she enters a room. Athena is looking for classic clothing and quality that will last 10 years.

Aphrodite-Baubo and Sophia mitigate the Athena tendency to adopt a somewhat severe uniform.

Aphrodite-Baubo will add feminine ruffles and frills. The practical little black dress for dressy functions may have a plunging neckline.

Sophia's simple elegance also complements Athena's emphasis on classic, quality clothing. Her fondness for pastel colors is very un-Athena who thinks about dry-cleaning bills and laundry time. These, too, add a lighter simple elegance to Athena's costumes.

Every fashion archetype benefits from a little Kali to shake up what you ordinarily wear and add something new. Try a glamour pin or exciting color with that business suit.

As for homebody Hestia, this Domestic Diva is at the other end of the fashion spectrum from professional and polished Athena.

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