Bird Print Fabric: How to Be Chic-Chic-Chic with These New Spring Fashions

Bird print fabric is a fresh, whimsical look for new spring fashions and summer 2012.

This is not your daddy’s hunting lodge curtains with mallard ducks on a deep green background.

This season's birds are abstract, sometimes little more than shadows.

The prints are colorful with other light-hearted details such as feathers and flowers.

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Whimsical Prints Are Perfect for Cruise or Patio

New spring fashions feature these and other fanciful prints in lightweight fabrics, as well as summer sun dresses, and casual pant sets perfect for cruise or patio.

Bird print fabric is a natural for kimono-style dresses and tops. These continue the stylized adaptations of Asian style that emerged in Fall-Winter 2011-12.

Three things to consider when dressing in this chic new trend are (1) the downside of print bottoms (2) print proportion to your body (3) whether this is a passing fad.

Print Bottoms Can Be A Problem

A bird print blouse and slacks in a lightweight fabric, seen on some runways, makes you risk going out in public looking like you forgot to change your pajamas.

I’m not a big fan of prints for bottoms; the last thing most older women want is to call attention to this area. (Some younger women would do well to be a little more aware of this, too!)

Team your print shirt with a coordinated solid color print skirt or slacks.

Proportion Is A Factor When Choosing Bird Print Clothing

When choosing avian inspired spring dresses or summer sun dresses, consider the size of the print relative to your bone size, facial features, and height.

For example, one long tunic blouse features a single large swan across the front in bold black-and-white slashes relieved by hot colors, such as red. This will look best on a long-tall Sally with larger bones.

A huge print will dwarf a petite woman. The face of a woman with small and delicate facial features will fade away against such dominant art.

There are plenty of prints to choose from to fine one that is right for you. You will see bird prints from small swallows barely larger than a hummingbird that flit across the textiles of summer sun dresses, casual wear shirts, and casual pants sets -- as well as focal point images.

Will This Become a Classic or a Soon-Forgotten Fad?

Birds have always been a part of tropical prints and so-called Hawaiian shirts, themselves inspired by more traditional Chinese and Japanese fabrics.

Florid floral and jungle prints, with and without birds and other fauna, scored a huge hit in post World War II America. A vintage tropical print never really goes out of style.

One concern with the shadowy abstract bird prints that are unique new spring fashions is that this fad may soon look dated.

Also ask yourself if you will mind seeing bird print fabrics everywhere when that is what you are wearing.

Use Accessories to Achieve an Alternative

Instead, look for a large bird print fabric scarf that you can drape across the front of your outfit and allow to flow down one arm.

This goes right along with the kimono-sleeve Asian inspiration that became on-trend last year and stands the test of time as a true classic fashion.

You also might look for a nice bird-shaped pin to adorn a handbag, hat, jacket or top.

Recapping the Pros and Cons of Bird Print Fabrics

In summary, these darling novelty prints were a hit on the fashion runways and already are populating the clothing you will see in stores and everywhere this spring and summer.

If you adore bird print fabric and do not care if this look becomes a little stale, these new spring fashions are for you.

Print bottoms run the risk of emphasizing what you'd rather not or looking like pajamas.

Consider your build and the size of your features compared with the size of an all-over print when purchasing summer sun dresses or a top in this amusing and colorful theme.

Consider finding a beautiful scarf or other bird accessories in lieu of going all-out with a dress or outfit.

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