She Wants to Express Her Inner Hecate

I grew up in a home were I wasn't allowed to wear makeup, or dress attractively. I didn't date until I moved out of my home. After that I spent 25 years in the equine business, where it really didn't matter what I looked like. Now that I'm 50 I want to change that and start looking like a woman.

Thank you for sharing your results. Do you think Hecate fits you?

Hecate is a feminine sign. This goddess seems to fit right along with your interest in horses, at least to me.

I can picture you in longer or three-quarter skirts with tall boots. A feminine embroidered peasant style blouse and nice belt will complete the outfit. Hecate loves natural fibers and handwork, such as embroidery.

Bead earrings, chunky stone necklaces, and other accessories can add feminine touches.

Jackets and vests and can change the look. Here are two online stores that you might like. Always be sure to check a retailers' history before shopping: I have some information about Potpourri Group with the Store Reviews.

Back In The Saddle


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Casual in New York

by Patricia
(New York)

I am 64 and feeling frumpy and dumpy. Just can't seem to find the right clothing; heavier than I've ever been in my life.

Clothes don't fit. I can't decide whether to lose weight first, then buy clothes.

I am retired now, so I need a more casual wardrobe. Even the underwear looks old. Thanks for listening.

I hear you, Patricia. It is hard to cope with the changes in our bodies. Kim Johnson Gross in What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life: Ageless Secrets of Style treats this problem with humor and insight.

What you mean by casual style can vary greatly between New York City, upscale suburban communities, and some of the rural areas in New York State.

Try to salvage everything you can from your old wardrobe. Have you checked out the wardrobe planning page?

Treat yourself to new undies and a few new things so that you feel good about yourself. Don't shy away from elastic-waist slacks. They can look good if we keep the waistband hidden; no one has to know.

Thank you for sharing, Patricia, and wishing you all the best in crafting a look that fills all your needs.

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Metis, Urban Sophisticate, Describes Her Fashion Choices

I like clean, architectural looking lines in fashion. I want distinctive and timeless separates.

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Athena and Sophia: Explore Site for Style Suggestions

by Alleluialu

My wardrobe is pretty practical, but I would rather it was quiet and elegantly simple. I am a church musician and need clothing to play for services - Mass, funerals, weddings.

Other than that, I am a stay-at-home Mom. My children are young adults now, so I don't have to worry about running around after them. I can dress casually most days. Even though I could wear pants most of the time, I want to wear dresses and skirts and be feminine.

Hi Alleluialu --

What, in your opinion, keeps you from achieving the look of simple elegance you want?

Is it because you are still wearing pants? Or perhaps the skirts and dress do not fit correctly? Good fitting can cost nearly as much as the garment, but it can make all the difference in how it looks on you.

Stick to solid colors and simple lines. Experiment so you know what styles draw the eye to your best features and away from those you want to de-accentuate.

There is a lot of information spread throughout the Fashion After 50 site. You might start with these do and don't tips. If you enjoy an article, please be sure to share it with your social network and hit the Google plus button at the top of the page.

Thank you for visiting Fashion After 50.

When you have more questions, please visit the advice page.

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Sophia Copes with Her New Figure

by June
(Monroe, nc)

Styles I used to wear do not work anymore. I turned 50 and nothing fits like it used to. My body shape changed.

Sigh. June, don't we know it? Hips sag, upper arms flesh out, and nothing is where it used to be.

It's a cross to bear. Your letter will be on a page with suggestions about places on the Fashion After 50 website that can help you with wardrobe planning, finding dresses and slacks that fit, and Do's and Don'ts for our age group.

Please write back and post a photo when you have a look you really like. That would be a mood-booster for you and us.

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Athena/Metis Is Adapting to Retirement

by Cher
(Vancouver, WA)

Practical and Polished
Urban Sophisticate

I have retired from factory work and went back to school for an office career.

Currently I am retired again and over 60 years old.

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Simple and Sophisticated Style Dream Is Foiled by New Kitten

by Jenny
(London UK)

New kitten versus new wardrobe?

New kitten versus new wardrobe?

I really enjoyed this quiz. :)

As the June weather has been so uninspiring lately, I took the opportunity of brightening up my day by looking at what I could do to make my wardrobe a better place.

wanted to eliminate that sinking feeling that comes with waking up in the morning and not having the faintest idea what to wear or more importantly, how to dress in a way that makes me feel good about myself, so that I can start the day with energy and confidence.

The quiz was a fantastic place to start for a 50-something female with one child settled and living elsewhere with loving partner. Another, after being away at university for four years, has carved out a life of his own, most of which clearly indicates parents not allowed!

As regards to my Fashion Goddess Archetype, I am quite happy about the Athena/Sophia mix, although not wholly sure about the Metis touch. I probably would have thought of having more a touch of Aphrodite to satisfy my artistic side, but not bad for someone who's lived almost entirely in the same London suburb all her life I suppose.:))

On a more practical note, I have had to restrict my choice of clothing quite drastically over the last 10 months because we decided to take in another kitten after our previous cat died.

I still have two unworn pairs of skinny leggings packed away for instance, and anything that a kitten's claws would catch in just hasn't seen the light of day for ages!

Note: the arrival of a new pet should not coincide with planning a new wardrobe.

Now that she is 10months old, I can start to actually look forward to wearing something nicer for a change.

Hi Jenny -- I enjoyed reading about your life.

Kittens and puppies alike can be like little wild animals when they are young, can't they? They remind us how domesticated they become with our guidance.

It sounds like you are on the right track to developing style choices you like.

Leggings (that's your sexy Baubo) can look smashing with tunic tops. These seem to be everywhere. Some of the shortest mini-dresses that the young gals wear also can look great with leggings. Wear with ballet flats -- colorful is good -- for a chic, youthful look without looking like you've robbed a teenager's closet.

You may be interested in this page about basic wardrobe planning. It may be tooting my own horn, but I believe it does a good job of boiling down into a few easy steps what other writers take a book to say.

My other personal philosophy is that we don't all need to look like aging movie stars to be attractive. If you love make-up, eye shadow, and having your nails done, go for it.

On the other hand, if you are like plain nails, minimal jewelry, and only a touch of lipstick and blush, that's fine, too.

I hope you will find a way to express your artistic side (that is Hecate by the way). Try some bright colors. Prints are everywhere this spring-summer, and they should be going on sale now or soon.

Embroidery, a bit of beading, and a few sequins do a lot to raise my spirits. These also appeal to the feminine side of Aphrodite/Baubo and Hecate.

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Sophia Is Adjusting to Her New Body Type

by Bette

I am not going to be that tiny gal anymore. I'm a size 14, and I'm short. I don't know how to dress.

Hi Bette and thank you for visiting Fashion After 50.

It's hard to make suggestions on the basis of so little information.

As someone who is short, avoid large prints, large handbags, and anything that will emphasize your petite stature.

You probably want to create a long, lean line -- whether that is in sportswear, business ensembles, or casual clothing.

This means sticking to one color, or closely coordinated tones for top and bottoms.

Add interest with accessories, such as shoes, jewelry, and scarves.

Your letter will appear on a page with links to other site pages about wardrobe building, do-and-don't tips, and other suggestions.

I would be honored if you have time to check out some of those pages.

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How to Achieve Sophia's Quiet and Elegant Simplicity

I am 50, with a 20-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. I am also retired from the military after 21 years where stayed in uniforms.

My husband is very tight when it comes to money. I have always liked to dress feminine, casual, and sexy when not clad in military attire. I love thin strappy low heel shoes with nicely painted toes , knee length wide bottom or pencil cut skirts and flowing tops. It's comfortable and I feel alive and ready.

The problem is, as I have aged my body shape has changed and my husband feels that my breasts attract a lot of attention. I do not wear low cut tops with cleavage screaming at the world, but I am a woman and I cannot hide them.

I cannot find the balance to satisfy him and me, not to mention keeping the look of a respectable Christian mother. I agree with the quiet and elegant simplicity-Sophia--how do I get there?

Hi there and thank you for your service to our country.

I have not yet written any pages about undergarments, but it sounds like you need a professional bra fitting. You may need to invest in some of the more expensive products, especially for when you go out.

Once you know what a good fitting is, you will be able to experiment with more modestly priced undergarments.

Aside from that, there is breast-reduction surgery. But this is something you must decide with a physician and your husband.

Sophia's simple lines are achieved by wearing garments that fit properly (or having them fitted), avoiding ruffles and too much jewelry, and sticking to softer colors, such as tans, grays, and black. Use blouses, scarves, and other accessories for sparks of color.

As you want to de-emphasize your bust, wear necklaces or scarves at your neckline, rather than ones that dangle low.

Use accessories to creates other focal points -- such a bright shoes, a colorful belt, or a smashing handbag.

You like strappy sandals, so show off your legs with skirts that end at or above the knee. A slender skirt that fits properly, such as an A-line or a slim skirt with vertical stripes, or a border print, will draw the eye down.

Avoid anything that calls attention to your top -- for example, bright colors, a broach,or embroidery in that area.

Please explore some of the pages with advice, such as these 11 Do and Don't Tips for us older women.

I've also got pages with ideas for cheap women's clothes.

Thank you so much for sharing with us and good luck developing your personal style. Please come back with a photo of you in something you like!

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Sophia Wonders How to Avoid Granny Look

by Kim
(Melbourne, Fl. USA)

I am a 54-year-old woman who is slim by nature making it far too easy to wear clothes made for a much younger woman.

I shop in the Women's departments but find a lot of fashions there seem to be cut/styled for larger women. Even if it is available in my size, I end up looking very Granny-ish. I am looking for some middle of the road guidelines.

Hi Kim and thank you for writing.

We are almost neighbors. I love charming Melbourne.

First, I agree that fashion, like our culture, is youth-oriented. I am doing my pants shopping, online.

We have to pick through the racks to find styles that are right for us. Stick to the classics. Take care of your clothing and your weight, and these can be worn for many years.

You may like to Shop It has breezy casual clothing that epitomizes the California and Florida lifestyles -- although a bit pricey.

I find lots of great deals on shirts and tees at this well-known Florida retailer and you can Get Free Shipping on orders of $100 or more with code FREE100! Exclusions Apply.

I also need professional suits. I seem to find these periodically at a local discount outlet (Marshall's). A whole bunch will come in, and I may buy one or two. Then it was two years before I found another infux and good selection. These are the same brands at department stores for 50% more.

One good thing about suits is that they come in classic styles that I can wear for years.

Second, I've learned since educating myself to write this site that fit matters. I thought I was making myself look thinner by wearing over-size clothing, but I simply looked like an orphan raiding someone else's closet.

You may want to check out these tips for buying figure-flattering dresses.

I've also published some ideas about choosing chic pants.

Then there's the guide to style called "Do and Don't" in the left menu under Wardrobe Planning.

I'm so glad you visited, Jenny, and thrilled to have a nearby Florida reader. I hope you will stop back to Fashion After 50 from time to time to see what's new.

The site has been growing slowly recently (Spring 2012), because I've been handling my mother's health crisis in another state. Once things settle down, I will get back to creating new content for you regularly.

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Metis and Athena Express Her Fashion Preferences

I live a busy and stressed urban lifestyle. these two styles are complementary and time saving. I want one day to feel more relaxed about it all.

Hi there and thanks for writing.

Feeling relaxed is the best way to go about developing your personal style. I'm glad you brought that up.

Some of the television programs I see use tactics of embarrassment and scolding. No one is born with good taste; we each have to acquire our own sense of esthetics.

Understanding what you like is a great first step. It makes it easier when shopping to eliminate that impulse buy based on price, current trends, or a whim of the moment.

I like ruffled blouses for example. Time has taught me that they are going to stay in the closet. I just don't feel right when I wear them.

Please come back to visit Fashion After 50 from time to time. This site is a creative labor of love. It may grow slowly, but it grows.

And won't you share a photo of you in an outfit you love sometime? It may inspire someone else!

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Artemis Builds Harmony in Her Home and Lifestyle

by Suzanne Becker
(Shohola, PA)

I've been living in the country for 11 years after being a suburbanite. I finally have room to breath.

My life is peaceful and I'm surrounded by woods, wildlife and fresh air. I enjoy being outdoors, do some gardening, go for walks with my dog, or sit on the deck reading or working on a sewing project.

I've been sewing since I was nine and enjoy quilting. I'm married 42 years, have two sons and 5 grandchildren who all live nearby.

My home reflects my love of the outdoors, as I've decorated with the intention of bringing the outside inside in my use of color and themes. I've taken many photos of wildlife on my own property, as well as local scenery. Some are displayed on my walls. Every season holds special enjoyment for me.

I rarely go out to social events, preferring more intimate interaction with the people that are important to me.

What a lovely post, Suzanne.

I can almost feel the peacefulness and harmony of your home and life exuding through your words.

I am so glad that you are building a life that is just right for you.

You don't say much about your wardrobe. With your great sense of esthetics, I am sure it is as harmonious and balanced and your home and life.

Thank you so much sharing.

Please stop back from time to time. This site grows slowly; it is a labor of love.

If you come back, won't you share one or more of your photos with us?

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Athena Loves Loose Tops and That's Not Going to Change

Athens fits me. I don't have many occasions to really dress for events anymore. I prefer to wear pants just because they are more comfortable.

Contrary to advice from those who know, I still want to wear loose fitting, large tops, just because they are comfortable, and that's my primary requisite now.

After working in the corporate world for many years, I don't want to be restricted by suits, belts, heels, etc. While I still believe they're pretty, I don't want to be bound by them.

I spend time with family, grandchildren, and friends. I don't feel I have to impress people anymore, just be happy and attractive with my own personal style.

Good for you!

I am so glad you found an outfit that works for you.

There are plenty of great-looking tunic tops, poet shirts, and peasant blouses that are roomy and comfortable.

My problem was that I bought things a size too large and looked like I was wearing someone else's clothes.

Right now, I love tunic tops with an asymmetric hemline. These look breezy and chic.

Cotton is my favorite fabric; a bit of Dacron or stretch eliminates ironing. For South Florida summers, seersucker and terrycloth are tops for everyday wear.

Stick with what works for you, and enjoy your life as you already are doing. Thank you for sharing.

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