Cheap Mothers Day Gift Ideas from Chic to Unique

Cheap Mothers Day gift ideas don’t have to scream inexpensive. Something small, elegant, and utterly beautiful can leave a big impression.

All you need is love, really, when it comes to remembering your Mom on Mother's Day.

Celebrate the joy and sacrifices she has made for you and commemorate the real, unique, nurturing experiences that have shaped your life.

Mothers Day also is the perfect time to remember women who have played an important, nurturing role in my life -- including best friends, mentors, aunts, cousins, and all the women I love for helping make my life wonderful.

Mothers Want to Know We Love Them

Most mothers want to know they are loved, not that you can spend the world on them. No matter how trivial or inexpensive the memento, it really is the thought that counts.

May I gently suggest that an expensive impersonal gift is less meaningful than a phone call that ends by saying, "I love you."

If Mother knows you really cannot afford to spend a lot this year, she may even prefer cheap Mothers Day gift ideas that emphasize caring over cost.

From a Mothers Day brunch that you cook at home for her to a picnic in a park, planning a special day will make the day memorable for the one you gave you life.

Learn to make egg-cheese strata or scrumptious cinnamon toast for a Mothers Day brunch and dazzle her with your culinary skill.

Brown-bag it with sandwiches, salad, and ice tea for a day at the beach or a gals-day-out hike through a park.

If you also would like to acknowledge some close personal friend, Fashion After 50 has you covered with gift ideas for friends.

Thoughtfulness Counts More Than How Much You Spend

Cheap Mothers Day gift ideas are not those that you write off as another item on your to-do list.

Fete mom with something that is unique. If she's a photographer, for example, how about a handwoven camera strap from Guatemala?

Is she a scrapbooker? Go through the racks of discounted embellishments and ribbons, buy a pretty gift bag, and fill it up with these interspersed with the most glamorous tissue wrap on sale. Cheap Mothers Day gift ideas are effective when they are personal.

If she adores tea or coffee, make your own gift bag or basket with samples. Tea Time Gifts from $2 to $30 may be the perfect solution.

10 Key for Cheap Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Most of the suggestions on our list are between $10 and $30. None are over $50.

These Top Ten cheap Mothers Day gift ideas will provide inspiration, because

#1. Elegance trumps cost.

May we suggest faux pearls or an orchid that's been turned into a jewelry pin?

Pretty wrapping adds elegance to Mothers Day present ideas. If you are all thumbs, buy a pre-made bow. Something that glitters is especially nice.

#2. Exotic makes money immaterial.

Novica has a large collection of hand-crafted unique Mothers Day present ideas from around the world. Shop Eco-friendly Treasures by Novica Artisans, offered in conjunction with the National Geographic Society and sharing profits with the indigenous crafts workers.

For something different in the way of Mothers Day plants, create your own window sill herb garden.

Mom will think of you each time as the spicy smell of basil wafts through the room and each time she pinches leaves from the rosemary plant.

Fresh herbs may be purchased at many supermarkets. Look for long, thin window sill planters at discount stores and yard sales.

Chic, Pampered, and Caring Mothers Day Present Ideas

#3. Chic does not require coin.

Leopard-print-clothing, other animal prints, and faux snakeskin handbags and accessories may add a chic touch to any woman's wardrobe. Look for sales and coupons.

Glamorous bead eyeglass leashes can be found for less than $20 at They are very useful jewelry and handcrafted by caring artisans.

#4. Pampered is a state of mind.

Nothing makes me feel more pampered than aromatic natural oils diffused with a tealight candle or, my favorite, the completely safe Spa Mist Color Changing Fountain Mister.

Robes and fancy bath items are usually appreciated. If you thought was just for books, check out some of its gift items, such as this spa collection that was offered around $20 at time of writing this page: Healing Spa Gift Basket.

#5. Caring is priceless.

Have you considered offering housecleaning, outside yard work, movie tickets, a car wash pass, or a restaurant gift card?

Time together is the most priceless gift of all and among the most cheap Mothers Day gift ideas.

If you and your mother grate on each other, plan that Mothers Day brunch, lunch, dinner, or picnic to avoid conversational hot spots. Invite another person along to serve as a buffer, if appropriate.

From Luxury to Tradition

#6. Luxury can come in small packages. The tiniest authentic gemstone can mean more than plastic.

For example, for just under $25, this Beaded flower necklace, 'Cinnamon Paradise Flower' (Thailand) has delicate blossoms with sparkling petals. By Anusara, this necklace evokes a floral paradise on a beaded choker.

#7. Beautiful is in the eye of the beholder.

Whether she collects old bottles or indulges in fancy scrap booking craft items, selecting something personal without being intrusive is a beautiful gesture.

The main things required to find cheap Mothers Day gift ideas are planning and time. Rarely can you rush off to the corner drugstore and find something at the last minue.

And that's what makes the present precious and beautiful.

#8. Delicious licks the competition.

Can I think of any women who don't love chocolate? Let me see.

No, don't think so.

Instead of buying a fancy, expensive selection, prowl your health food store for five or six bars from exotic places. Then, present them in a fancy gift bag, bought during a sale of course, and colorful tissue paper.

#9. Thoughtfulness can be traditional.

If your mother looks forward to a pretty gift of flowers, don't disappoint her. If you cannot afford a florist, today's supermarkets often have cost-conscious cheap Mothers Day present ideas.

Many restaurants are crowded for this popular holiday. If you and she hate mobs, start a unique traditional all your own -- lunch out on the Friday before Mothers Day.

If there is no family tradition, you can make one that's all your own, from the chic to the unique.

#10. Practical can be pretty, too

I am a sucker for pretty skins to protect my laptop and tablet. If your mother has an iphone or android, find a fun skin or case like this unusual example that looks like a Vintage Ouija Board. This Hard Back Shell Case Cover Skin is for Iphone 4 4g 4s.

Unusual umbrellas are another unique choice. How can a person not smile in even the most daunting downpower when you let a Claybox Sunflower Folding Travel Umbrella Parasol be your shelter?

If Mother lives in an area with canals or lakes -- like South Florida -- one a Tools of Life (TM) Car Hammer Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Emergency Escape Tool can save her life.

Magazine subscriptions say "I love you" for a whole year. From Better Homes and Gardens to Yoga Journal (1-year auto-renewal), you can find a niche publication for your mother. Automatic renewal ensures that next year's Mothers Day gift ideas will be no-sweat for you.

In summary, cheap Mothers Day gift ideas are all around you.

Plan early so you don't get caught up in the last-minute rush. A bit of brainstorming, nice wrappings, a sincere "I love you," and a personal touch will make the day special for both of you.

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