Clothes for Older Women Don't Have to Be Dowdy to Be Age-Appropriate

Clothes for older women can be figure-flattering and updated with trendy accessories without breaking your budget.

Clothes for older women who no longer report in to an office may start with a versatile jacket.

This item may be teamed with a variety of black or tan items, including slacks, skirts, or even a solid-colored dress.

Another selling point is that this garment may be worn for at least three seasons, from spring through fall. In warmer climates, it may even be used for much of the winter.

Coordinated Clothing Lines Simplify Wardrobe Planning

Some of us no longer enjoy shopping.

Coordinated fashion lines make it easy to mix and match slacks, skirts, tops, sweaters, and jackets.

Josephine Chaus available at with Free shipping at with $50 purchase!Shop.

Ralph Lauren, Jones New York, and Alfred Dunner are other garment makers who offer coordinated lines.

Whether you are looking for casual or professional coordinates, there is something on the market for you.

Fashionable Suit Is Wise Investment

If you are involved with community or charity projects, you will need one or more evening suits.

If you are not, be sure to choose your mother-of-the-bride or groom suit with an eye to the future.

Special occassions, such as formal birthday parties and anniversaries, graduations, and funerals may call for a good suit.

Silk may be worn all year long, as it has both insulating and cooling properties.

Wool-silk, linen-silk, and other are newer innovations. Learn more about fabrics.

Suit Offers Polished and Appropriate Style

A dark suit may be needed for funerals, community dinners, and other events. These have a chic grown-up look that never goes out of style and may feel more appropriate than a dress as we grow older.

Pick a classic jacket and suit style that flatter your figure -- and a color that will adapt to many situations.

Here are some more tips about how to buy a suit at the bottom of this page.

Become an Anti-Fashion Enthusiast

Some fashion analysts describe fashion that does not follow trends as anti-fashion.

It is the kind of clothing that does not go out of style for decades.

Sometimes we see celebrities on Hollywood awards red carpets wearing vintage designer gowns that look as fresh and wonderful as when they were made 20 years ago or longer.

Figure-flattering-clothes with classic lines are an example.

The return of the 60s sheath was declared c. 2010 but the fact is, it never went out of style.

Well made garments will last a long time with proper care.

Avoid looking stuffy and out of date with trendy women’s fashion accessories.

Tops and Accessories Keep Look Updated

Look for a blouse, handbag, shoes, belt, or scarf in a popular color. Use two or three items as accent pieces in a bright, eye-catching color or print.

Avoid too many accessories in the same color. Nothing will stand out as an eye-catching focal point that draws the eye.

Fashion advice suggests that uniformly coordinated accessories -- shoes, bag, hat, gloves, scarf -- is an out-of-date 1950s look.

Casual Clothes: What Do I Need? What Can I Spend?

Clothes for older women often includes casual wear for diverse activities such as gardening, running, yoga, crafts classes, volunteering, or traveling.

Downgrade clothing that was once appropriate to wear for a quick trip to the grocery or a crafts class to an activity from which it may not recover from soil, such as gardening, painting, or pottery making.

Keep your casual wear updated so that you feel updated and stylish even when reading or enjoying time alone around your home.

Last Words on How to Wear Clothes for Older Women

Clothes for older women can be youthful, timeless, and help you look your best.

Find figure-flattering-clothes and stick with what looks good on you.

Update versatile wardrobe classics with trend-setting women’s fashion accessories.

Have a little fun. Finding clothes-for-older-women that you enjoy wearing, that fit your lifestyle and your budget takes only a little time and thought.

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