Clothing For Mature Women Offers Choices For Every Fashion Archetype to Express Your Creativity

Clothing for mature women offers choices to fit every lifestyle, budget, and style preference.

One of the most frequent complaints dresses that are too short. If you need a special occasion dress, start your search early.

Skirts come in a wide range of lengths, so consider teaming one with a lovely blouse.

Even with obstacles such as short skirts and sizes more appropriate for manikins than mature women, today's selection is as great as it's ever been.

You may remember when a mature woman was someone with the simmering sexuality of a Sophia Loren, the aristocratic poise of Catherine Deneuve, or the cosmopolitan elegance of Audrey Hepburn.

Dozens of iconic women have gone before us, paving the way for a third trimester of life that is neither dowdy nor a futile revival of clothing styles that are too young for us.

Recognizing the appeal of older women, demand for models over 40 is growing, according to Andrea Seabrook at NPR.

Three Tools for Successful Shopping

Knowing three things about your style profile will streamline your shopping so that you skip over anything that doesn't fit your parameters. Know these answers:

  1. What is your fashion archetype (style preference category)?
  2. What colors look best on you?
  3. What styles look best on you?

What Is My Fashion Arcehtype or Style Profile?

Knowing your fashion archetype -- the general type of clothing you prefer, such as sporty or sophisticated, feminine and flirty or edge and trendy -- may be buried by long years of conforming to society's expectations.

You may find, as you ease into partial or full retirement, you want to experiment with different ways of dressing.

If you have been working in a conservative office for years, you may not even remember you prefer have a choice.

Indulge Your Inner Wild Woman

If secretly you have longed to bust out of those dark suits and wear bright colors, now may be your time to create a closet full of Bohemian chic -- even if you have to troll resale shops to afford what you like!

On the other hand, you are a sophisticated Metis who has decided on a retirement life of gardening and golf, you may have be creative to get the look you want.

Perhaps we will find Metis in a glamorous staw hat to protect her skin from the sun or figure-flattering solids that make her the best-dressed woman on the links.

Plan A Wardrobe for Late Life

One of this site's most popular pages is basic wardrobe planning because it distills a three-step process for evaluating and planning your perfect wardrobe. I have distilled this information from reading many books and gotten it all on a single page for you!

What Styles Look Best on Me?

Today's telephone cameras and selfie sticks make it easier than ever to see what you look like -- even if you live alone.

We may use the built-in video cameras in our laptops or make a small investment on a USB add-on that is easier to move around.

Find fashion websites you like. Fashion blogging proliferates with the invention of the World Wide Web.

Women just like us are posting photos and information. You may disagree with some of what you read -- and that's great! That means you are carving out your unique fashion identity.

Last, pay attention to compliments, and use a three-way mirror when shopping.

What Colors Are Most Flattering?

Again, compliments, mirrors, and cameras are your friends.

There are some good books about this, as well as color consultants if you can afford one.

I am impatient with one-size fits all color suggestions. Just a slight difference in shade or hue can make a difference in whether the color looks good on your or not.

See The fashion archetype quiz is the unique property of Fashion After 50. It's a fun way to reassess your style preferences and think about how you can express your creativity and inner self with fashion.

From there, you can read about the fashion goddesses who resonate for you and be inspired to take renewed interest in having fun with clothes.

Have A Plan to Avoid Foolish Spending

Basic wardrobe planning introduces you to a three-step process for figuring out what you need, what you have, and what to buy.

The Fashion After 50 Guide to How to Wear Clothes offers 11 do-and-don't tips for clothing for mature women.

Regular readers may be interested in the seasonal fashion updates that can be accessed under the Seasons & Trends header in the left navigation menu. These are part of our Fashion Trend Reports archive.

How A Few Well-Chosen Pieces Can Create Distinctive Look

There are more places than ever before to find attractive clothing for mature women. Start with quality classic styles and jazz them up with colorful accessories and handcrafted items from around the globe.

Whether you want an Asian inspired exotic jacket or an alpaca poncho from Peru, your heart's desire is just a click away.

Now is your time. You can be a Bohemian free spirit or spend your days golfing, sailing, or riding as an all-American outdoor-gal.

Our Specialities: Shoes, Fabrics, and A Smattering of Fashion History

This site has been especially interested to follow innovations in women's comfort shoes provide support without being heavy-soled, as well as the historic and emergent role of fabrics as a sensual element in every fashion ensemble.

If you want to learn about whether organic cotton or bamboo fabric really offer environmental benefits, you will find the information you need to make a good decision.

We also try to bring a bit of a historical perspective to fashion trends. Two examples are a history of wool and the background of khaki. But you will find interesting tidbits throughout the reading on the site.

Our aim is to help you find clothes for older women and create a budget-conscious and stylish wardrobe.

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