Creative Romantic Gift Ideas Appeal to the Five Senses

Creative romantic gift ideas stir up a lot of those energy patterns known as archetypes.

What's His or Her Archetype?

Are you shopping for a romantic, Aprodite/Baubo, who will revel in jewelry?

Is she a magician who conjures luscious meals from her garden? Hecate will love bath and spa gifts that awake the senses.

Sporty Artemis may like a rustic horse-riding vacation, but nothing less than a four-star hotel (five-star is even better) will please sophisticate Metis.

A charm bracelet with trinkets that commemorate special people and events is right for Hestia, domestic diva.

Keep The Other Person's Delights Firmly in Mind

A beautiful cashmere robe or sweater, a luxurious something she will use everyday, pleases practical Athena.

A charity gift in her name or a paid retreat appeal to Sophia's simplicity.

Kali likes to shake things up, the new and exciting, so she will be delighted with parasailing lessons or perhaps a trip to a city to an avant-garde art show she's longing to see.

Every Holiday Is Romantic When You Are with the One You Love

Valentine's Day in February is the ultimate holiday for lovers.

Christmas and Hanukah lights also awaken the romance and love in our hearts.

What does it mean to give a creative romantic gift to a woman of a certain age?

No woman wants to feel that she has graduated from silky sexy to plain cotton.

A gift that shows her she is still a babe to you will be appreciated.

Romance from Adventure to Extravagant

Romance used to mean adventure, way back in the Romantic era of English literature.

The most creative romantic gift ideas may offer experiences, from an expense-paid trip to Africa to a trip to the best spa in your city.

Here are more gifts that say 'I love you' in a range of prices.

Don't rule out traditional romantic gifts, such as red roses, expensive chocolates, and bath scents. They do a great job of conveying love from one heart to another, now as they have for generations.

Natori - Shangri-La Robe (Heathered Cashmere) - Apparel

Cashmere Robe is Ultra Creative Romantic Gift Idea

In the uber-luxury category, the 100% pure cashmere robe, will provide years of luxurious softness.

Cashmere is harvested from a type of goat and has been treasured since Victorian times for his warmth and softness.

These goats were naturally found in the most remote regions of Asia and China. Today, efforts are underway in Australia and the U.S.A. to breed goats for high quality soft hair that can be spun into yarn and woven into thread.

The trade in sheep woolen dates back to the stone age and has its own fascinating history.

You can find other creative romantic gift ideas from nose to toes at Zappo's, too.

Kama Sutra - Massage Therapy Kit (No Color) - Beauty Romantic Soles - Geneva (Red Satin) - Footwear

If either of you have a shoe fetish, these darling Geneva red satin flats from – who else? – Romantic Soles may bring holiday cheer.

Wouldn't these look cunning with a Sexy Santa dress?

These are also available in teal satin and black leather. - Powered by Service
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