Extremely Comfortable Shoes Can Be Smart & Stylish

Extremely comfortable shoes that also are fashionable are easier than ever for you to find, as manufacturers implement cutting-edge technologies for their share of this global market.

Manufacturers of traditional sports shoes, such as Merrell and Timberland, are branching into professional shoes for women. Cole Hahn is praised for integrating Nike technology in its women's footwear.

Chic European and Israeli imports also are just a click away in the Internet marketplace.

Glamorous Women May Prefer Extremely Comfortable Shoes

One sacrifice you'll have to make is the fashion folly that very high heels are glamorous.

Audrey Hepburn, for example, preferred flats and no one ever accused her of being dowdy in a Dior gown and low-heel shoes.

There is nothing glamorous about tottering around in shoes that hurt your feet and throw your alignment off-balance.

New Technologies Pamper Your Feet

Many of the new extremely comfortable shoe designs use cutting-edge technologies such as memory foam. These are not your grandmother's stout orthopedic shoes. New lightweight materials are supportive and adaptable to chic styles.

Your Choices Are Growing Every Day

Deciding what shoes to wear for business and casual-dress is easier than ever as the array of choices grows.

Fashion After 50 also answers your questions about when, where, and how to wear slip-on and lace-up casual shoes.

Don't miss our suggestions for diabetic dress shoes.

How Much Is It Worth to You to Have Happy Feet?

Shoes that pamper your feet may cost a bit more. They are often well-made and well worth it in the long run.

A wise man taught me that having happy feet is well worth the price of extremely comfortable shoes.

Manufacturers are responding with an ever wider selection of chic stylish business and dress shoes. Women over 35 account for nearly half of all sales in this $300 billion worldwide industry, and changes are catching up to their demands.

A Trick for Conserving Shoes' Life

One way to make your shoes last longer is to rotate among several styles.

It gives the shoes a chance to air out, and it gives you time to polish and clean them, as needed.

Wearing different shoes in rotation also can counteract your developing a bad habit or stance in a specific pair of shoes.

It creates an attractive shoe wardrobe and offers variety, the spice of life, for your everyday routines.

What Shoes Are Attractive to You?

Victoria suggests that most of us can use suggestions for how to coordinate comfortable shoes with anything above the ankle -- such as dresses, skirts, shorts, and capris.

She adds that some comfortable styles are not very attractive.

What do you consider attractive when it comes to shoes?

"Love the One You're With": Tastes Change

I was injured in my twenties, so I started wearing low-heel shoes way back when there was little selection.

My tastes changed along the way.

Now when I see the Sex-in-the-City style shoes, with ultra-high heels, straps that are likely to cut into my feet, and pointy toes, they look like instruments of torture -- not high fashion.

What constitutes beauty or attractiveness is always a matter of personal taste.

What's your taste when it comes to attractiveness in shoes? What do you look for when teaming shoes with shorter apparel? Use the form on this page to tell us what you think.

Share your experiences about finding extremely comfortable shoes on Fashion After 50 on Facebook.

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