Fall Fashion Trends: Romance Is Your Key to to Looking & Feeling Fabulous

Fall Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter 2017-18 are united by the theme of romance.

Belldini Plus Size Ruffled Studded Blouse

Trends I love are:

  • romantic blouses in pink pastels.
  • kimonos, dusters, and ponchos.
  • velvet in solids and burnout designs.
  • deep, rich burgundy colors.
  • boots.

Romance doesn't have to mean being in love with a person: We can be in love with our crone-power and the romance of breaking out of social norms as we age out of the work force and other social constraints.

If you love feeling feminine, this season's fall fashion trends emphasize lush fabrics, ruffles, lace, and swirling kimonos and cloaks is for you.

Pastel Ruffles & Lacy Blouses Are Sexy without Skin

Tahari Asl Velvet Skinny Pants

Pastel blouses in pink, peach, taupe, and beige offer trompe-l'oeil sexiness without the need to show an inch of skin.

Lace insets and trim, bell sleeves, and sheer or semi-sheer fabrics are among the most romantic looks of the season.

If you prefer something more colorful, you will also find deep hues such as burgundy and cobalt among fall fashion trends. Black and white are also abundant in romantic blouses.

How to Wear It: Velvet Is the Perfect Partner

What could be prettier than pairing an ultra-feminine blouse with velvet slacks, skirt, and jacket?

Black velvet is always popular around the winter holidays and never really goes out of style. It also is a staple of Bohemian fashion fare.

Ny Collection Velvet Floral-Print Kimono

Expect a bumper crop of velvet garments this year in solids and burnout fabrics.

Little velvet shoes and slippers are especially cunning, trimmed with embroidered or beads.

Black velvet won't be your only choice. Expect to see burgundy, deep green, and shades of blue from jewel to navy as well.

Today's fashion velvets are washable -- unlike silk velvet of past eras -- and lighter weight and softer than cotton velvet.

Drape Yourself in Colorful Kimonos, Dusters, and Ponchos

I've rarely seen such a selection of colorful Asian-inspired kimonos as those offered among this year's fall fashion trends.


Some are short, like a jacket for an artist or Bohemian. Others are duster length. Depending on the fabric weight, these offer warmth on warmer days or in colder rooms.

Ponchos are another great addition to your wardrobe this year.

Some are trimmed with deep ruffles, consistent with this season's theme of romantic styles.

What's Right about Wearing Flowing Fabrics

TV fashion advisors have, on occasion, disdained the use of flowing fabrics. As I survey the odd rolls of flesh around my middle, I am pretty sure that there's nothing wrong with a big of effectively draped fabric camouflage.

Make sure your kimono or poncho fits at the shoulder. Last year, I made a mistake by buying a very large wool poncho in red. It comes nearly to the floor. It overwhelms me.

It wasn't worth the cost of returning it, so I will most likely wear it for swaddling myself while relaxing outdoors, like a blanket, on cool winter mornings having tea.

Check internet and mail order return policies carefully. No matter how great something looks in a photo, we cannot tell if the fabric, fit, or finishing will be to our liking or standards.

Fall Fashion Trends: Burgundy Is The Color to Watch

Fall fashion trends suggest updating your wardrobe inexpensively with something in burgundy red.

CeCe Ruffled Choker Dress

You will find this rich color in scarves, hats, boots, and blouses. These offer a great chance to adopt an on-trend color without spending a fortune.

Break Out Your Boots: High, Low, Flats, and Heels

There is boot style for every preference.

Whether you loke low-heels and ankle-high boots to wear with slacks or knee-highs to show off with skirts and dresses, you will find something that suits you.

Women are pleased with stretch inserts that ensure a snug fit and make it easier to buy no matter whether you have skinny legs or not.

Fringe, Buckles, and Cowboy Patterns

Trendy boots are meant for more than enduring slush and snow.

Bearpaw Women's Boetis Ii Cold Weather Boots Women's Shoes

Cowboy boots, with painted and hand-tooled patterns, are perfect for country and casual wear.

Fringe and buckles offer more sophisticated trim for city gals.

Slides, Mules, and Scuffs Are Other Stylish Choices

Sam Edelman has a variety of darling backless, low-heeled slides or scuffs that manage to be comfortable and flirtatious.

Betsy Johnson is another fashion designer who offers whimsical shoe styles in keeping with this year's emphasis on romance in fall fashion trends.

Romance and the Fashion Archetypes

Karen Scott Ruffled Cardigan, Created for Macy's

Fall-Winter romantic styles expresses the Aprhodite/Baubo archetype perfectly. Lush fabrics, lace and ruffles, and flirtatious shoes are everything your inner Aprhodite could want.


Hecate will tend toward dark velvets and deep ruffles. Kimonos dusters in bright colors are definitely the stuff of Hecate's esthetic.

Metis will adore the flesh-toned blouses, especially those that are not too fussy, luxurious velvets, and rich burgundy colors.

Sophia will shy away from anything see-through or revealing; she likes the deep ruffles and pastels. These fashion archetypes are less likely to find loose-fitting draped kimonos appealing.

Athena, like Metis and Sophia, prefers simpler examples of romance style. She will like a blouse, tunic, or dress with bell sleeves, for example. Velvet with burn-out patterns, especially in deep rich colors, are also likely to catch her eye.

Hestia is all-in for lace, lace, lace; free-flowing kimonos and dusters; and burgundy dressing for holiday parties.

Outdoorsy Artemis likes cowboy boots and ponchos among our fall fashion trends. We may be able to coax her into some velvet pants and man-tailored blazer.

Expect the unexpected from Kali, our rule-breaker. She will scandalize carolers by answering the door in a sheer blouse; wear a kimono for a business meeting; or don blue cowboy boots with a frilly tunic.

Finding Romance In Everyday Life

Eileen Fisher Wool-Blend Fringe-Trim Poncho

Fall Fashion Trends emphasize romance with lacy and ruffled blouses, velvet that soothes the touch, boots that flatter the leg, and rich deep jewel tones such as burgundy and cobalt.

For an older woman who may feel as if romance is passing us by, entering into the spirit of romance may be challenging. Yet romance, in the oldest sense of the word, is not about physical relationships.

Romance is everywhere -- in the mystery of leaves turning colors, the jeweled sparkles of hoarfrost on a window, or the delight of seeing tiny rabbit tracks in the snow.

No matter one's age, we deserve to feel feminine and to love ourselves, our bodies, and our lives.

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