Fashion Archetype Quiz Reveals Your Creative Inner Goddess

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How to Score The Quiz

When you read each statement, decide how well it describes you.

  • +2 strongly agree. The statement fits you like a custom-made shoe.

  • +1 agree. The statement mostly describes you, but your feelings are not as strong.

  • 0 = neutral, neither agree or disagree. The statement is not relevant to you and your life or you have no opinion one way or the other.

  • -1 disagree. The statement mostly does not describe you, but there may be a few instances when it does not.

  • -2 strongly disagree. The statement could not be more wrong when it comes to describing you.

Click on the box next to each statement to see the pull-down menu and record your answer. You will find your score for each Fashion Archetype goddess.

Then, click on the goddess photo at the bottom of the page to find out about that Fashion Archetype's style.

Please record an answer for every statement for best results. Click OK to start.
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    Fashion Archetype Quiz    
    I would rather stay home than go dancing.
    Endings and new beginnings are exciting, not daunting, to me.
    Good planning leads to wise decisions.
    I like being with others and sharing a laugh.
    I prefer classic clothing that I can easily update with accessories.
    A woman can be sexy at any age.
    Designer clothing reflects my interest in quality and high style.
    I need quiet time for reflection and meditation.
    When I have free time, I prefer to spend it outdoors.
    If I haven't worn something for a year, it's time to throw it out -- except for special occasion clothing.
    Getting dressed for the day is a way to express my individuality.
    I love to combine garments with rich texture and colors.
    As far as I'm concerned, my most important wardrobe item is my apron.
    I need rugged, practical clothing; style is secondary.
    A woman is never too old for a bold new look.
    I can turn an ordinary skirt into something extaordinary with my special touches
    I want people to feel calm and peaceful in my presence.
    I can develop a wardrobe that works for me by understanding basic fashion principles.
    I like to create an aura of mystery and magic about myself.
    I want fashion that is appropriate for my lifestyle, above all else.
    I want fashion that is elegant and beautiful, as well as well-made.
    I want a wardrobe that embodies simplicity.
    A woman should change her wardrobe when she enters a new phase of life.
    I would be lost without my old plaid flannel shirt.
    I hope you are not going to make me give up wearing my Christmas sweater to be stylish.
    Every big decision is a crossroads in my life.
    I can wear youthful styles with flair and confidence, if I please. Who cares about age-appropriate?
    Decide what you want when items are full price; shop on the first day of a sale to get it at a discount.
    Coordinated separates make it easy to pull-together many different outfits without breaking my budget.
    Get rid of your outmoded ideas about dressing.
    Being of service to others is more important than taking care of myself.
    I want to look like a person who knows how to have fun.
    Solid colors and neutrals project the calm image I prefer.
    I want my clothing to embody my belief in possibility and transformation.
    A few top-quality, classic garments ensure that I am well-dressed for every occasion.
    When I see a handsome man sitting alone on a plane, I find a way to flirt with him.
    Dressing with modesty is important to me; too many women are showing too much.
    My most important role is being Mom and Grandmom -- not a fashion plate.
    I like to wear clothes that shake up the way my family and friends think of me.
    I live for my animals; they don't read fashion magazines.
    I relish my cultural role as a Wise Woman with important lessons to pass on to others.
    A tailored jacket should be loose enough so I can swing a golf club in it.
    I use my practical creativity to create outfits that are right for me.
    I dress for men and to feel feminine and womanly.
    I have too much to do to think about how I dress.
    Simple elegance is my fashion ideal.
    I want a pulled-togther look that reflects social status and achievement.
    I want clothing that reflects the latest trends, from Goth to Steampunk.
    I am a vibrant, sexual being.
    A high quality all-weather raincoat is a wardrobe must.
    An image consultant is a great way to create a professional image for women who can afford this.
    I prefer to dress slightly upscale for any occasion, even if it means spending a bit more.
    Budget, functionality, and flattering fit are my fashion guidelines.
    I often wear simple tee-shirts and knit slacks, or housedresses.
    Don't let people stereotype you by always dressing the same way.
    Beauty is an inside job that starts with how I feel about myself.
    At my age, maintaining a healthy, outdoor lifestyle is more important than focusing on appearance.
    Maybe too much of my clothing looks like it belongs to an aging hippie.
    I have been criticized for dressing too plainly, without accessories.
    I love feminine styles with ruffles, lace, and fine jewelry.
    Slacks are more practical than skirts for the way I live.
    My family and community is the center of my universe.
    I love jewelry that uses natural stones, such as turquoise.
    I can learn to use accessories and accents so that simplicity is not plain and boring.
    APHRODITE/BAUBO, The Romantic and Bawd  
    ARTEMIS, Sporty, Casual, Outdoorsy  
    ATHENA, Practical and Polished  
    HECATE, Bohemian and Free Spirit  
    HESTIA, Domestic Goddess  
    KALI, Trend-Setter, Rule-Breaker  
    METIS, Urban Sophisticate  
    SOPHIA, Quiet and Elegant Simplicity  

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    Click On the Photo to Read about Each Goddess-Inspired Fashion Archetype

    Kali Trend-setting fashion icon Artemis outdoorsy fashion style Hestia domestic diva clothing style Athena practical and polished clothing
    Outdoorsy, Casual
    Domestic Diva
    Polished, Practical
    Metis Urban Sophisticate fashion Hecate Bohemian womens clothing Sophia simple elegance fashion style Aprhrodite-Baubo feminine and sexy womens clothing
    Urban Sophisticate
    Bohemian, Arty
    Simple Elegance
    Feminine or Sexy

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