Fashion Colors for Fall: Burnt Colors Brighten Scene; Gray Remains Strong

Fashion colors for fall feature the burnt colors that characterize the falling leaves of autumn -- russet, ochre, dark red, pumpkin, mahogany and bronze.

Fashionable pewter, the focus last fall-winter season, has mutated into an array of grays.

The summer emphasis on white for dresses, slacks, and suits may produce a bumper crop of winter clothing.

Red and black remain solid choices, especially through the holiday season.

Military details are a continuing influence for jackets and coats.

Yummy Winter Pastels Are Back

Lightening the mood of these dark times are serenely beautiful dresses in lavendar-blue and other rich pastels.

You can translate this into your wardrobe with a blouse or sweater in your favorite shade of blue, purple, or green.

Olive green is appearing in slacks and skirts and can make a beautiful contrast to these colors.

Don't Abandon Last Winter's Pewter

old pewter beer mug istockphoto

Pewter is a favorite, gray with a slight tan cast.

The old mug, right, shows the special highlights of this metallic alloy of mostly tin and copper.

Pewter goes metallic for shoes, handbags, and other women’s fashion accessories.

Preview charcoal sweaters and find out how many shades of gray you can name.

If all-purpose black does not flatter you, take advantage of the many shades of gray available this year. Stock up on versatile pieces that will be sensible chic for seasons to come.

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As Fashion Trends Go,
Black Never Goes Out of Style

Black never goes out of style, another constant among fall fashion trends.

Designers are taking very few chances with style trends and fashion colors for fall.

For example, such well-known names in the ready-to-wear market, as Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren, are playing it safe with classic styles that will last for years.

Embroidered and Feminine Touches

Glittery and shiny fabrics are not dead. Since last winter, they have been moving toward evening wear.

Embroidery and lace are replacing jewels and sequins as the details of choice.

Salute Military Details

Military styling looks good for winter coats and outwear. Wool and wool blends have enough body to show off broad lapels.

Navy blue may be hard to find when fashion-colors-for-fall emphasize shades of gray and tan.

Navy blue is a grand color for a military theme and also looks great with many different colors that are on-trend, including gray and shades of tan.

Other colors to wear with navy blue are maroon and red, yellow, pink, white, other shades of blue, and some greens.

Military-style-clothing is a pervasive part of many comfortable and classic women's fashions.

Avoid Epaulettes If You Have Broad Shoulders

Gals with broad shoulders should avoid military details, such as epaulettes, capelettes, or anything that draws attention to a square or bony frame.

Metal buttons often are featured on military-inspired fashions.

A petite frame may be overwhelmed if there are too many details, such as metallic, embosssed buttons.

You can switch these out for buttons that match the fabric if you want to reduce the effect.

You also may safely switch the buttons if they tarnish or you just do not like them.

Cool Metal, Fiery Russets, and Cooling Blues

In summary, fashion colors for fall winter will please most every taste.

Whether you are a cool Metis or Sophia who prefers cool grays, a colorful Kali or Hecate, a domestic Hestia or feminine Aphrodite born to wear blues and pastels, there is something for every fashion archeype style.

For maximum impact, combine textures – silky with rough, metallic with matte – and tone down the jewels and jewelry.

Shop your closet and find new ways to combine old favorites.

The most economical and effective way to be environmentally aware and go green is to reuse and recycle older garments to create deliciously new combinations.

If you can't afford to buy a closet full of new clothes -- and who can? -- add a blouse, sweater, or accessory in a color that makes your soul sing.

Add a charcoal-sweater to transform basic wardrobe pieces into fashion trends for fall and winter 2010.

Use and update your wardrobe with these 3 steps for basic-wardrobe-planning.

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