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Fashion consultant Mary Lou Andre distills her work as founder and president of Organization by Design, Inc. into 265 pages of clear, concise directions for how to build a clothing collection that is just right for you and a pleasure to wear.

This book is as well organized as Andre’s closet, depicted on the cover.

Pulling together a well-planned wardrobe starts with five steps:

  1. analyzing your storage space andhow you can most effectively use it,
  2. identifying your clothing needs,
  3. organizing what you have,
  4. categorizing what is usable,
  5. and discarding what you no longer use or need.
Andre stresses shopping in your closet, investing in clothing and accessories that you love and can use much, and using trendy pieces to update wardrobe staples.

3 Reasons to Like Ready to Wear

I love Andre’s book for three reasons.

First, Andre celebrates what feeling good in our clothing can do for our confidence to tackle anything.

Second, it is a pragmatic and clear approach to filling your closet with clothes you will love to wear and use often.

Third, Andre writes in a friendly voice with just the right amount of anecdotes and examples. This book is a treasure worth buying and consulting over and over again.

Ready to Wear: An Expert’s Guide to Choosing and Using Your Wardrobe, by Mary Lou Andre. Perigee Books, 2004.

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