Fashion Faux Pas: Avoid Too Short Too Tight Too Revealing

Fashion faux pas are avoided by considering the "Three Toos" -- too short, too tight, and too revealing.

We seem to live in an "anything goes" society where no one puts much thought into personal appearance. A fashion faux pas -- literally wrong step that violates social norms -- is almost impossible.

We also are living through a revolution in social norms. Styles that were once taboo are now sold on the pre-teen racks.

Wear Leggings with a Tunic Top

My personal fashion faux pas pet peeve is leggings worn with a top that is not long enough to cover the posterior.

When this syle emerged, I felt as if the women had left home without putting on their bottoms.

This style is especially unsightly if there are love handles, rolls of fat at the belly hip, and other jiggly body parts.

Why, I ask myself, would someone want to go out like this?

Ruching in the Wrong Places

Ruching is a sewing detail that adds texture to a garment. It is variously described as pleating or shirring.

The ruched area may be secured with a line of stitching, creating a border or striations. Alternatively, it may radiate from a center, creating a flower or starburst effect.

Ruching, like most design details, draws the eye to its location.

Think carefully about what the ruching is emphasizing.

Do you really want a puffy starburst creating a focal point on your hip? Will those wrinkles draw too much attention to a generous bust?

Ruching may not look good with print, plaid, or stripe fabric. Breaking up the fabric may create esthetic discontinuities.

Ruched Fabric Drapes Gracefully

Ruching at a neckline may not be flattering if the folds stretch taut at the bustline.

Make sure the fabric drapes gracefully from any ruched focal point.

Graceful lines are an important element of being chic.

The Fashion Faux Pas Paunch

Be sure to check your silhouette from the side in a three-way-mirror when wearing a garment with ruched details.

This sewing technique causes puffs of fabric. One effect of a free-falling ruched neckline may be a slight outward bubble at the front of the garment - much like a pregnancy paunch.

Ruching anywhere may create little bulges and bubbles that may look bulky.

Avoid a fashion faux pas by making sure the clothes you pick are right for your figure.

Bra Straps that Show

Should I have to remind grown-up women that this look is sloppy and ill-kempt.

Off-shoulder and peek-a-boo shoulder designs may require a strapless bra to honor the design.

Check armholes, too. The side of a bra may show if the garment does not fit properly.

Dress for the Occasion

No one want to arrive for a pool party dressed formally or dressed formally for a pool party.

Check with the hostess, another club member, or someone who may know what to expect of a given gathering.

I've found that it pays to dress up when mounting a consumer complaint. Looking as if you know what you're talking about enhances your credibility -- that is the extent to which you will be taken seriously.

I'm sure each of us has our own list of fashion faux pas. The Three-Toos gives us a simple list of three easy things to remember.

Fashion Advice to Avoid Fashion Faux Pas

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