How to Avoid a Fashion Faux Pas for Clothes with Ruching

A fashion faux pas may not be far off when a fashion trend – such as ruching – becomes over-used.

Ruched tops, dresses, handbags, shoes, and even leggings are a hot fashion trend. Here a some ways that ruching can go wrong.

Ruching in Wrong Place

Ruching is a sewing detail that adds texture to a garment. It is variously described as pleating or shirring.

The ruched area may be secured with a line of stitching, creating a border or striations. Alternatively, it may radiate from a center, creating a flower or starburst effect.

Ruching, like most design details, draws the eye to its location.

Think carefully about what the ruching is emphasizing.

Do you really want a puffy starburst radiating out from a hip? Will those wrinkles draw too much attention to a generous bust?

Puffy horizontal pleats on a waistband or leggings will make these look wider and break up a long lean body or leg line.

Avoid a fashion faux pas by making sure the clothes you pick are right for your figure.

Ruching on Skimpy Fabric

Ruching at a neckline may not be flattering if the folds stretch taut at the bustline.

Make sure the fabric drapes gracefully from any ruched focal point.

Graceful lines are an important element of being chic.

The Fashion Faux Pas Paunch

Be sure to check your silhouette from the side in a three-way-mirror when wearing a garment with ruched details.

This sewing technique causes puffs of fabric. One effect of a free-falling ruched neckline may be a slight outward bubble at the front of the garment – much like a pregnancy paunch.

Ruching anywhere may create little bulges and bubbles that may look bulky.

Any style trend that is not flattering for your figure is a fashion faux pas.

Print Fabric May Not Be
Right for Ruching

Many print fabrics are being styled with ruching details. This may create the fashion faux pas of design elements working against each other.

First, the pleating may interrupt the flow of the fabric design. For example, vertical fabric folds disrupt horizontal fabric stripes, so that neither is effective.

Second, ruching is a design detail that creates a figure and garment focal point. A print also draws the eye. The sewing detail gets lost in the fabric's colors. This may be too busy for one garment.

Last, be sure that the fabric is appropriate for ruching. Some potentially inappropriate fabrics are those that wrinkle easily and are too bulky for the technique.

In summary, following any fashion trend too fondly puts you at risk of a fashion faux pas.

Ruching is an eye-catching sewing technique that creates a focal point. It draws the eye to a a part of your figure.

Be sure you are drawing the eye to a feature you want to emphasize, that the fabric drapes flatteringly, and the fabric is appropriate for the design.

Look for flattering ruched tops, ruched dresses, and accessories and find definitions of this design element.


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