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Anorexia Spikes in Adut Females with
Unrealistic Image Expectations

Fashion today: European publications report that more women than ever are being treated for anorexia.

Eating disorders have been considered a teenagers’ problem. Now more older woman are making a desperate bid to stave old aging and compare themselves to glamorous celebrities.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good. Obsessing over appearance is dangerous at any age, as the large number of rehabilitation facilities prove.

In a persuasive essay entitled, The Symbolic Life, Carl Jung argued that contemporary people experience empty lives because we have lost our sense of the spiritual and ritual significance of our place in the universe.

The London Mail, in particular, attributes the spike in adult women eating disorder to unrealistic expectations. One of Jung’s seven tasks of aging is facing life realistically. Others are releasing the concerns of the ego and becoming rooted in a deeper sense of self – messages shared at Fashion After 50.

Enjoy some new togs, a bubble bath, or a nice aromatherapy mist. Chat on the phone, blog a bit, get a massage or facial, take up and art or craft. Looking good is great; feeling good is better. Sharing your gifts is best of all.

Read more about anorexia in mature women at Marie-Clair, The London Mail Online, and by Sarah Cassidy at The London Indepednent.

Tina Turner, 68, Is Fearless Fashion Goddess

Tina Turner has no intention of scaling back the heat on her world tour that starts this month, according to Women’s Wear Daily (October 3, 2008).

Bob Mackie, who famously dressed Cher, also has been dressing sultry Tina for 30 years.

There will be no elastic waistbands and sloppy shirts for the athletic singer. Wardrobe changes include short, slit skirts, beaded tops and shiny pants.

Tina Turner needs no fashion inspiration from an inner goddess; she is a fashion inspiration and older woman goddess unto herself.

Jacket Is Wise Choice

Your best investment in fashion today may be a good-looking jacket that you can wear with different slacks and skirts in a color that will easily move from fall through spring.

A well-made jacket with a flattering jacket is an investment that can last for several years.

Case in point is a Chanel suit.

The jacket is timeless. Few of us can afford Chanel. Nonetheless, there are a lot of great jackets featured in some of the catalog collections. If you can only buy one thing, buy something classy and classic that you will love wearing for almost forever.

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