Female Archetypes Workshop
For Fun and Wisdom

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Understanding female archetypes is a way to unlock our deepest inner wisdom.

Life is a journey toward inner wholeness, according to Carl G. Jung, the eminent Swiss psychologist, philosopher, and mythologist.

Fashion is one way to express our selves, but it is one small dimension of our wholeness.

What We Do

In the archetype workshop, we will:

  • Discover your archetypal composition. Using the PMAI index, you will create a mandala-like wheel that visually presents 12 distinct archetypal qualities we embody.

  • Tap into your creative strengths and immediately honor your best qualities.

  • Use your shadow to become strong and whole.

  • Celebrate your spiritual gifts.

  • Enjoy a day of inner discovery, exploration, and fun.

  • Harness your powerhouse archetypes to your goals.

The female archetypes workshop is an opportunity to reflect on who we are at the deepest levels, how we present ourselves, and how to maximize our happiness with that package.

The program is a day to nurture inner playfulness and creativity in the company of like-minded women.

Tell Your Story, Explore Roles

The day starts by taking the PMAI index and drawing your personal chart. A PowerPoint slide show follows that illuminates 12 archetypes, and their shadows, most of us embody to some degree.

The 12 archetypes workshop for personal growth uses interactive activities to explore themes that most of experience – to greater or less extent – in our lives.

We will learn about parts of ourselves that we may have over-indulged and dimensions we would like to develop. The symbolic archetypes we explore are the

  • innocent,
  • orphan,
  • caregiver,
  • warrior,
  • seeker,
  • lover,
  • destroyer,
  • creator,
  • ruler,
  • magician,
  • sage,and
  • jester.

Activities include discovery and kinetic interactions, role playing, story telling, and lecture-discussion.

Archetypes Show Universal Themes with Deeply Personal Meanings

What is an archetype?

An archetype is a figure in a story that society tells itself about who we are. We interpret these archetypes through symbols and stories.

Archetypes are template for living, but each of us lives our stories in different ways.

Symbolic archetypes originate in the theories of Carl G. Jung. There are many more than the 12 archetypes we explore.

Symbolic archetypes evoke themes or energy patterns that transcend time and place.

Archetypes Illustrate Stories We Tell Ourselves about Ourselves

These social roles are so universal and fundamental that all of us experience them in some way at some time throughout our lives. The innocent, the caregiver, the seeker, the lover, and all the others are behavioral patterns that have been lived by people in all societies and historical eras.

Each of the 12 archetypes includes a bundle of constructive traits and behaviors and its shadow. The shadow may become destructive if we refuse to acknowledge those parts of ourselves that we may not like or wish to show others.

We will interpret these universal life themes in relation to our place as the wise elder women of our society and times.

The female archetypes workshop is a way to reconnect with the deep sources of creativity, spirituality, and wholeness.

My Qualifications: PMAI Certification

I have a Ph.D. in communication, so my emphasis is on the messages communicated to us and about us by these 12 archetypes in our lives. I was certified to administer the PMAI workshop in 2007. The workshop is not therapeutic or psychological counseling.

You can read some of my reviews and reflections about Carl Jung and his theories here.

Introductory Price for Female Archetypes Workshop

Would you like to spend a day exploring your female archetypes for personal growth?

We will meet in a small group to identify and explore 12 archetypes as indexed by the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator.

These archetypes are not the goddess symbols used in the free fashion archetypes quiz on the Fashion After 50 website.

The day includes interactive activities and role-playing. The introductory cost is $50 per person (plus my travel expenses), for 10 to 16 people.

Your group must provide the meeting room.

Business Applications of Archetypes for Product & Organizational Development

Archetype training is a powerful tool for focusing organization mission, product development, and strengthening group cohesiveness.

The Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator is used with the Organizational Team and Culture Indicator.

This workshop will be co-conducted with Dr. Doreen McGunagle, CEO of Global Strategic Management Solutions.

Please contact Enid Sefcovic, Ph.D., for information.

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