Feminine Makeovers Are Archetypes of Alchemical Transmutation

The popularity of feminine makeovers has its roots in the ancient, perhaps even prehistoric, search for alchemical transmutation.

A brief history of fashion's love affair with animal prints traces the style to tribal ritual uses to achieve magical powers through alchemical processes.

The principal is that of sympathetic magic: the traits of the animal will be transferred to the wearer – courage, stealth, sensuality, freedom, and beauty.

This same principle is at work as women model themselves after the style of a favorite celebrity.

Yearning for Magical Powers

Carl Jung, the visionary thinker who suggested the role of archetypes in human psychology, society, and art, was well-read in the lore of alchemical transmutations in all the world's religions.

The mythic quest of alchemy is to transform ordinary materials into gold.

The ultimate alchemical processes are spiritual – the transformation of our mundane selves to beings of spiritual grace and freedom.

Today’s quest for feminine makeovers is the latest manifestation of our yearning for magical powers, control over our environments and the people in them.

Fashion Is Artistic Self-Expression

On the one hand, some feminists criticize women for being manipulated by mass media persuasion and images. They point, for example, to the burgeoning of anorexia in recent decades.

Other feminists suggest that fashion and beauty is a form of self-expression.

The key is balance.

Feminine makeovers can make us feel good. A new hairstyle, a new outfit, even a flattering new shade of lipstick, can bring a spring to our step and a smile to our lips.

Fashion Alchemy Transforms Our Mood, Self-Presentation

Fashion is art; the alchemy of style is certainly among alchemical processes.

The tribal warrior to wears a lion skin to gain the courage of the king of beasts; the corporate woman warrior wears a leopard-print blouse to a business meeting to feel graceful and powerful.

The alchemy of fashion creates a transmutation of essential self-presentation.

No amount of exterior change – be it by scalpel, make-up artistry, or wardrobe makeover – can mask inner discontent.

Feminine makeovers are ultimately an inside job.

Fashion Archetypes Capture Style Essences

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How do you express your creativity and joy? Have you found your passion? How does your wardrobe express the inner you?

The Fashion After 50 fashion archetype quiz uses the metaphor of ancient goddesses as symbols for feminine-makeovers for your wardrobe.

Each goddess is a symbol for archetypal feminine qualities that may resonate for you.

Basic wardrobe planning is a step-by-step process for organizing your clothing to make a style statement that's right for you.

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