Feminine Makeovers Revitalize, Restore, Revamp, Reassure

Feminine makeovers revitalize our confidence, restore our self-care, revamp our style, and ressure that we are alive and growing.

Whether you choose a new hairdo, a make-up lesson, a spa week, a fitness bootcamp, or cosmetic and dermatologic enhancements from Botox to facelifts, a feminine makeover is a revitalizing.

A brief history of fashion's love affair with animal prints traces the style to tribal ritual uses to achieve magical powers through alchemical processes.

This exemplifies sympathetic magic: the traits of the animal will be transferred to the wearer - courage, stealth, sensuality, freedom, and beauty.

This same principle is at work as women model themselves after the style of a favorite celebrity or a photo of a hair model.

We Pursue Magical Powers

Our quest for feminine makeovers is a contemporary manifestation of our yearning for magical powers, control over our environments and the people in them.

Carl Jung, the visionary psychoanalyst-philosopher, introduced the role of archetypes in human psychology. These are eternal human experiences -- such as that of the mothers, child, king, and sorcerer -- that shape themes in society and art.

Jung was well-read in the lore of alchemical transmutations in all the world's religions.

The mythic quest of alchemy is to transform ordinary materials into gold.

The ultimate alchemical processes are spiritual - the transformation of our mundane selves to beings of spiritual grace and freedom.

Are You Seeking Liberation or Denial?

Some feminists criticize women for being manipulated by mass media persuasion and images. Naomi Wolf accuses women of cutting off parts of face in a futile quest to stay youthful, in TThe Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women.

Feminine makeovers, critics argue, are a denial of the aging process we all undergo in a youth-obsessed society.

We trying to escape headlong confrontation of the inevitability of death, say such critics.

The first of Jung's 7 tasks of aging is coming to terms with the reality of death and dying.

Other tasks are letting go of the ego and being realistic. The last is rebirth -- and living our most vivid and full lives.

Some women will choose to take up a new passion, travel, become activists. Others may opt for a bit of a nip and tuck and moisurizers.

Sometimes, we may choose both-and.

The key is balance and self-reflexivity.

Self-knowledge allows us to understand why we want the make-over, contrive realistic expectations, and fully embrace and enjoy the results.

Fashion Alchemy Transforms Our Mood, Self-Presentation

Fashion and beauty are forms of self-expression.

Feminine makeovers can make us feel good. A new hairstyle, a new outfit, even a flattering new shade of lipstick, can bring a spring to our step and a smile to our lips.

Fashion is art; the alchemy of style is certainly among alchemical processes.

The tribal warrior to wears a lion skin to gain the courage of the king of beasts; the corporate woman warrior wears a leopard-print blouse to a business meeting to feel graceful and powerful.

The alchemy of style creates a transmutation of essential self-presentation.

What is essential to know -- No amount of exterior change - be it by scalpel, make-up artistry, or wardrobe makeover - can mask inner discontent.

Feminine makeovers are ultimately an inside job.

Use wisely, enjoy immensely.

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