Jackie Kennedy Is Her Style Icon

by marvy
(rural USA )

HI! I am a mother of 8 with 2 still at home. A grandmother of 14 and great gram of 1!

I love working on fundraisers for great causes and looking good while doing it :)

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Jane Fonda Is Her Inspiration

I'm petite and about 10 lbs. over my ideal weight. I need solid suggestions for dressing well.

Hi there -- I would love to help, but there is not enough information. Please browse some of the pages, such as basic wardrobe planning. The fashion archetype quiz can help you identify your favorite styles. There is a page of description about each and how it relates to other archetypes. I hope this helps.

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Diane Sawyer: How Can She Adapt Classic Style to Her Life?

by Deb
(Hudson Valley, NY)

I have left the corporate world to work at a fairgrounds managing vendors and the business management. Obviously, the grey flannel suit is not appropriate in this new environment!

I am seeking a look which is casual, comfortable and ready for pretty much any activity from Board meetings to scooting around the 142 acre grounds! The office culture is jeans/capris, sweaters and polos. We have gone through a re-organization and I find myself at meetings requiring authority, but it can't be an in-your-face style.

Hi Deb -- I expect that you can salvage quite a bit of your previous wardrobe for your new life.

I think the key will be to create coordinated, but not entirely matched outfits. Wearing low-heel shoes, selecting more casual handbags, and looping an understated scarf casually around your neckline can create a polished finish without going overboard and being too slick.

A suit jacket becomes a bit more casual when worn with khakis or a casual plaid. Stay away from pinstripes, though. Obviously there are limits to this. A metallic thread running throughout is fine for the showcase race on Saturday but probably not for a mid-morning business meeting on Thursday.

You probably have a lot of tops, too, that can be adapted to your current needs. Mix it all up, and try new combinations.

I spent three years in thoroughbred racing, and I expect that men haven't changed all that much in the past few decades. They will always appreciate a well put-together female!

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Grace Kelly But I Look Like Sally Field!

by Cindy Kelly
(Northern California)

Wedding in Napa. Chico's dress.

Wedding in Napa. Chico's dress.

I'm a 61-year-old professonial. I'm looking forward to retirement so I'm done with suits and chunky heels.

I love jeans,capris and T-shirts. I have pretty dresses and shoes. However, my body recently went from the middle of the weight chart to the top. Not overweight but now I look sawed off. I'm 5'3" at 140 lbs. When that happened, my waist and bust got an inch or to bigger. That said, many of my clothes don't fit a more mature body.

Even if they fit they want to fight for position at my waist line. Finding shoes that aren't Burkenstock or ACIS is a challenge.

I wear dresses that wrap at the waist well as long as I can get my now ample bust in it. I'm a petite medium. Wear a size 10 petite or an 8 with alterations. I would like a more mature version of my style.

Hi Cindy -- You really are doing great in adapting to body and life changes. You know that, don't you?

You are wearing a pretty and flattering dress in the photo; definitely not our grandmothers' print housedresses! I like the flow of the pattern that helps to create a vertical flow for the eye.

Wrap dresses are a flattering style for many figures. So you are right to believe that the belted middle will help define your figure.

Another way to go is an A-line or trapeze line for the dress in a draped fabric, so that it doesn't cling at the middle. This empire waist dress with casual embroidery captures the spirit of what I mean.

Roper - Native Heritage Empire Waist Dress (White) - Apparel

Shoes can be challenging, but today's new technologies and the entry of sport shoe manufacturers into the women's shoe market are making it easier than ever. See for example, this update about women's comfort shoes or this playful color wheel of some flat and low-heel styles at Zappo's right now.

Small changes, such as accent jewelry or scarves, can do a lot to life one's spirits. At least that's true for me.

If you are concerned about creating a long, lean line, a full pant will be more flattering than capris. Most of us love the comfort of the latter and are not going to give them up for everyday wear!

Wishing you all the best for a wonderful retirement.

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