Hestia, Domestic Diva, Dresses for Comfort

The Hestia fashion archetype cares more about her family and home than her wardrobe.

She dresses for comfort, often not thinking about style until a special occasion rolls around. Then, she find she has a closet full of clothes and "nothing to wear."

This style category epitomizes suburban style -- clothing that is practical for everyday use, easily laundered, figure-flattering, and budget-conscious.

Hestia, The Matriarch, Is the Center of Family and Community

Hestia, the goddess of hearth and home, may well be the most challenging of the fashion archetypes for older women to dress fashionably.

This is the only goddess for whom the Greeks had no image. She was embodied by the hearth fire itself, according to Jean Bolen (Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes in Women over Fifty).

When a couple wed, the matriarch of the bride’s home carried a torch lit from the hearth to light that in the newlyweds’ home.

It is no surprise to find Hestia bustling around her kitchen, preparing meals for others. It is not unusual for her to be a plus-size.

She more often indulges her artistic side in home decorating than in basic wardrobe planning.

Women's Casual Clothing May Predominate In Her Closet

This feminine archetype wants comfort, and she is comfortable looking like exactly what she is -- an older woman.

That does not have to mean that it is time to "let oneself go" and give up on femininity.

Better fabrics that drape attractively are ideal for the woman who wears the title of matriarch with pride.

Embroidery, tucks, and other fine finishes are an ideal way to create a wardrobe that is simultaneously classy and down-to-earth.

She is one of the archetypes, along with Artemis, for whom womens casual clothing may be the preferred fashion statement.

Mix and Match Coordinates Are Ideal Solution

Because Hestia would rather be doing other things than clothes shopping, mix and match coordinates are a great solution.

Once she discovers her ideal fashion colors, coordinated fashion lines make it easy to come up with a variety of outfits within your budget.

Ralph Lauren, Josephine Chaus, Alfred Dunner, and Jones New York are among the fashion lines that offer pants, jackets, sweaters, and tops that are color coordinated to mix and match. Shop for her at Boscov's! if you are looking for coordinated, reasonably-priced fashions.

This extends your clothing budget dollars and makes it a cinch to grab and go in an outfit that is stylish and right for the day's activities.

Add A Few Good Pieces to Your Accessories

A nice watch for going out, a plain but expensive gold or silver necklace, and elegant comfortable shoes can upgrade any outfit.

A flattering shawl or scarf are others way to add a little style and drama to your clothing, if you identify with this approach to style.

Don't be afraid to spend a little money on yourself to buy something really nice.

Avoid Looking Matronly By Putting Fashion on Your Menu

Your fashion challenge, if this is your style archetype, is finding clothing that fits the wider hips and rounded stomach of older women.

Many designers do not create styles for this demographic. Much that is available may be considered dowdy and graceless by women who can find nothing else.

The spirit of this ancient feminine spirit guides this website in discovering how to dress attractively after we reach a certain age.

One website of interest may be Esperanza Threads.This unique clothing company was started by Sister Mary Ellen Boyle, uses organic clothing, and is a fair-wage shop that employs low-income people in a democratic environment.

Many women who have given up on fashion fall into the habit of not caring about style.

There's nothing wrong with endorsing the "un-style" approach, unless you prefer not to be completely unstylish.

How Hestia Benefits from A Bit of Other Fashion Archetypes

Metis is a nice blend with this style category, because both are family-oriented. Metis is the perfect corporate wife in her designer clothing, whereas Hestia is more likely to be in the kitchen cooking than supervising the caterers.

Metis motivates Hestia to look the role of the family matriarch that she fulfills so well.

A bit of Athena will motivate you to add some polish to your look, if this is your primary fashion type.

Sophia's love for soft colors and soft fabrics also will add rich textures and lovely draped fabrics to your wardrobe.

Aphrodite-Baubo in your profile will ensure that you never let yourself go, as you will always want to strut your feminine stuff when the time is appropriate.

Hecate will encourage those handcrafted details that can add such personality to your style, yet are timeless. This is a great archetype to blend with Hestia.

Artemis is the outdoorsy version of this inner goddess who keeps the home-fires burning brightly; neither is interested in cutting-edge fashion!

As for Kali, this trend-maker and rule-breaker is at the other end of the fashion spectrum from Hestia, who is challenged to care much about what anyone thinks about how she dresses.

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