How Can I Put Together a Good Look for Myself?

by Sherry

Hi,Im Sherry and Im 45. Just had a baby (my only one) but have never been happy with my figure. Always was at least 15-20 pounds over weight.

I love interior design and i do have some taste and am good at decorating and putting the indoors nicely together, but honestly I am not good at all to match the best to wear. I love to look always nice wherever i go even for a grocery but I am not good at all!

Please give me some advise how to look younger and slimmer and cover the places you like not to be seen big!

I have very long and thick hair and since my hair is dark brown; I usually do my best to do lots of highlight to make it look blond and more chic.

Hi Sherry -- Congratulations on the birth of your baby. This must be an exciting time for you.

I sense quite a bit of self-criticism in your description of yourself. My first suggestion is to work on self-acceptance. To an old gal like me, there is no to try to look younger at age 45; I am never going to see that decade again no matter how much hair coloring, make-up, or moisturizer I use.

Don't let yourself be a victim of the constant hype in our society to look a certain way.

Second, there is no easy formula for defining a good look that is right for you for all occasions. One of the most popular pages on this site is Basic Wardrobe Planning. Find it in the How to Dress area of the left menu. It does a good job of summarizing how to evaluate your wardrobe needs.

Pay attention to compliments and do more of what people like. Also notice times when others don't say anything when you were hoping they might noticed something new about you: silence speaks volumes.

Try the library for fashion books. It's a great way to train your eye to decide what you like and what you don't. I recently bought a book (Wear This, Toss That), and I often disagree with the advice. You are allowed to do that and to create your own style sense.

I doubt that a Metis is going to like lots of stuff that a Hecate wears, and Sophia's simplicity is too ordinary for Kali. You can learn more about these fashion archetypes by taking the quiz.

I also want to recommend that you explore other fashion web sites. For example, Fabulous After 40 is geared toward your age group. I also really like the way Liria Mersini keeps it positive at Curvy Counselor. Even if you are not plus-size, she has lots of good advice.

Wishing you all the best in putting together a look you love!

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