Athena/Metis/Sophia Does Not Believe She Has Polished Look

by Rachel G
(Somerville, MA, USA)

Just wanted to share a couple of thoughts: This is quite accurate in some ways, but misses the sporty, casual part. Plus, while I go for elegant and simple, would not describe my style as polished. This was fun, and I certainly fell into the categories I would have guessed for myself in this list. Thanks! Rachel

Hi Rachel and thank you for writing.

Your words made me think about just what it means to be polished.

In fashion, as in wine tasting, words that sound good get used but sometimes the definitions are vague and fluid.

To me, polished means (1) wearing complementary garments that fit correctly and are right for the occasion (2) finishing the look with at least a few accessories such as belts, earrings, and a watch. (3) make up.

I definitely fall down on the last one. I hate make up. Almost all foundations, even those that are supposed to be non-allergic, make my face itch.

I don't care enough about polish to renew make-up throughout the day, either.

I am sure some women would have far more stringent definitions of what it means to be polished. For example, I don't think I've ever been as well turned-out as any of the women on
Sex and the City, even when I was young and put a lot more effort into looking good. On the other hand, the show is a fantasy and those women are actresses who spend hours in make-up and costume department getting ready for the shoots. Maybe no one will ever look that polished.

Thank you for motivating me to define what polish means to me!

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How to Add Glamour To Black Monotone Wardrobe

Metis is my inner fashion goddess, not the way I dress. I wear simple, usually solid separates. In Fall and Winter I add a loose fitting jacket. I really like solids underneath a complimentary jacket with bold jewelery but need more color variety. I am stuck on black, black, more black, olive, tan.

My work style choices are made based on ease of selection. I like being and looking uncomplicated. Not boring,just straightforward. Like Gayle King.

I like accessories -- hats especially.

Casual wear is pretty much jeans and a t-shirt or knit long sleeve in cooler weather. Would like to add flattering, stylish slacks and Capris, cool shoes, etc.

Comfort dictates my shoe choices. I wear 3" pumps, but my feet are rebelling, and I will soon have to find something lower. For casual I wear mules.

While I am a homebody at heart, cook creatively as a hobby and sometimes a profession, and occasionally garden, when I work I would like to be a bit flashy, and sometimes a bit earthy. I live in the Northwest. We tend to dress on the casual side.

Hi there --

The wardrobe you describe is very Metis, even though you may not have reached your fashion ideal yet.

Black is a sophisticated color and very Metis. Solid colors also are typical of Metis, Athena, and Sophia -- all signs that avoid ostentation.

I see three topics to address in what you have written: First, stepping out of your comfort zone to experiment with garments you want to buy. Second, balancing the sophistication of Metis with the reality of your casual environment. Third, finding ways to add a bit of color and glamour to your monotone wardrobe preferences.

There are many nice slacks on the market today, some with slimming tummy panels. Capri slacks are for casual wear, so they fit right in with the Northwest fashion style. These should be on late summer sale now or in coming weeks, so it is a great time to indulge your thirst to experiment.

The second topic is one that only you can juggle: you long for Metis sophistication but you probably also want to fit into your world. You like accessories, and this is fabulous way to add those touches of glamour to the solids you already wear.

A belt with a shiny buckle and scarves with a subtle metallic thread come to mind. I am especially proud of the shoe pages, including this one about comfortable dress shoes. I am amazed at new technologies that can add comfort while keeping shoes lightweight. This, of course, often comes at a premium price.

You might consider investing in some quality jewelry that will make you feel a bit more glamorous and sophisticated in your black and solid color clothing. I especially like the unique necklaces at Novica, because they run the gamut from arty and Bohemian to intricate and jewelled.

Last, I'd suggest replacing the loose fitting jacket with something more fitted. A few darts and shaped seams can do wonder for creating a more sophisticated and feminine silhouette.

Black is a wonderful canvas for creating your Metis style. I hope you have some ideas about how to move forward and will share some photos of yourself in outfits you love.

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