How to Dress My Age

by Clara
(Montoursville, PA)

I just put on a pair of blue jeans and a sweatshirt or baggy tee shirt. My husband has poor health. So we do not go away very often. But I would like to dress my age. I do go and meet with my girlfriends for lunch once a week.

Hi Clara --

I'm thinking that it would not take much to pull together an outfit appropriate for get-togethers with the gals.

Pennsylvania can be cool during certain seasons, so any kind of twill or wool slacks with a nice sweater or blazer would do the trick.

Boots are a must during slushy weather.

Earrings, a necklace, a showy belt (very on-trend right now), and a dab of make-up can make a difference in projecting a polished look.

I also like the idea of a long skirt with a nice top. This can be worn with boots for winter and, in a lighter weight fabric, with sandals for summer.

Have you checked out the Six Tips for Building a Casual Wardrboe at the bottom of that page.

Or perhaps, like me, you are a Bohemian gal at heart longing to chuck off all the practical things you buy and indulge your taste for lace and velvet.

Last but not least, a touch of Asia, such as an embroidered jacket or silk tunic, might add flare to otherwise ordinary slacks or skirts.

I hope you will post a photo of your updated look.

I'm not a big fan of the dress my age saying, because it can be interpreted to mean dowdy and dated.

Some of the women whose photos appear on the fashion archetype pages have bold and unique style.

Where women go wrong, I think, is wearing teenage styles -- skirts that are too short, jeans with a saying on the butt (pretty much never appropriate no matter what the saying or one's age), or kitten heels.

She looks one age from the back and when she turns around, the viewer has a big shock.

We have earned the right to dress with our hearts at our ages. If you love jeans and tees, there is nothing wrong with that, either.

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