How to Dress Professionally
For 7 Days for Less than $200

Many women wonder about how to dress professionally on a budget. Here’s an example of how to build a wardrobe for less than $200 that will take you through seven days by mixing and matching pieces. If you can

Avenue Silver Button PrintedPonte Jacket Womens Plus Size
spend a little more, you can add a Sunday dress and spend $233.

The jacket, shown at left, may be purchased with a skirt in the same fabric to wear as a suit. The jacket and skirt are sold separately. This makes it easy to buy clothing that fits you properly, even if your top and bottom are different sizes.

This wardrobe on this page is from Avenue for plus-size women. Avenue also has petite and tall sizes for some styles. These items may not be available at the prices here when you visit. The table is for illustration only, to spark your own ideas.

Select Wardrobe Basics So Each
Garment Has More than One Use

Consider the purposes your basic wardrobe will serve. Select items that will can be used in different ways for various occasions and setting.

This wardrobe is for a working woman who will do errands on Saturday and go out to church or with family on Sunday.

Let’s take a look at the basic units of a planned wardrobe for one week.

Avenue Smocked Tunic Womens Plus Size
Avenue Tiered Printed Maxi Skirt Womens Plus Size Here are the basic garments for how to dress professionally:
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 cardigan sweater
  • 2 skirts (1 matches jacket)
  • 1 slacks
  • 1 gaucho pants
  • 3 tops
  • (optional) 1 dress

You probably have other tops in your closet to the mix for even more variety. The basic gray skirt and jacket can be brightened with a wide variety of blouses and shirts – yellow, blue, green, bronze – the list is endless.

Red is more versatile than many people realize – black, white, gray, beige, tan, pale yellow, and many shades of blue.

The prices are sure to please your thrifty inner Hestia, and the professional look will please pragmatic Athena.

If you are interested in learning about your fashion archetypes, please enjoy the Fashion After 50 free quiz.

Save on Avenue Plus Size Clothing

Basic Wardrobe Planning in Easy-to-Read Table

The table below can be read two ways. If you read across a row, it shows what days you will wear that garment. If you read down the day column, it shows what items will be worn together.

The first time the item appears, the price is shown. Sale prices are in yellow. After that, the item appears in parentheses.

This wardrobe showing how to dress professionally is based on items that were available at these prices on April 26, 2009. No guarantee is made or implied that these items will be available at any other time. The wardrobe is to demonstrate how to dress professionally by planning a basic wardrobe. Wardrobe1Rev.

Silverbutton silver ponte jacket, geometric black/gray print (top photo) X X X $29.99
Matchingpull-on skirt (not shown) X X $19.99
Deep V-neck tunic, white cotton knit (notshown) X X
X $12.90
Flat-front trouser with comfortwaistband, black (not shown) X X $12.99
Exotic beaded Taj Tee, in teaberry (red,not shown). An even more economical alternative is shown above, the redsmocked tunic.  X X X $19.99
Tiered maxi-skirt, poly-spandex (See photo) X X $29.90
Flyaway cardigan, red (new style, photonot available) X X X X $29.90
3/4 sleeve, rhinestone V-neck T, white(not shown) X
(Cardigan,tiered maxi-skirt, deep V-neck cotton knit tunic) $00.00
(Black trousers, V-neck tunic, cardigan) $00.00
Linen blend gaucho, gray (not shown) X $19.90
(Cardigan, beaded raj T)
TOTAL     $195.64
(Black trouser,red cardigan, white tunic) $00.00
Optional--Button detail dress with cap sleeves; black poly-spandex, with jacketor cardigan (X) $37.90

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