Kali Creates Fashion Surprises That Are Edgy, Sometimes Eccentric

Kali's style is edgy, fearless, arty, and sometimes eccentric.

Her goal is to create fashion surprises. The notion of age-appropriate fashion is not not relevant to her style.

In with the new, out with the old is her slogan.

At its best, her look is esthetic and edgy, combining vintage and contemporary in surprising ways. At her worst, she is the archetype most likely to be a fashion disaster.

Her Story Embraces Contradictions

Kali-Ma or Ma-Kali is the Divine Mother in Hindu mythology.

She has four arms and three eyes. One hand holds a knife dripping blood; beneath it, another holds the severed head of a giant.

On the other side of her body, two hands wave away fear and give blessings, explains Jean Bolen in Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes in Women over Fifty.

This feminine archetype signifies our passage through loss in the third trimester of life.

We lose parents, friends, and eventually, physical fitness.

For some of us, loss of our careers is a huge hurdle.

Loss and Change Are Hallmarks of This Time of Life

For many women, economic uncertainty and poverty characterize our elder years.

Through the wisdom of the goddess who takes and gives life, we appreciate that we are one with the cycles of all that is.

Learning that destruction is the source of new life is the great wisdom of aging.

Kali Helps You Embrace A Bold New Look

If you identify with this fashion archetype, she can inspire you to try a bold new look.

She is the spirit that helps a woman give up her suburban home and move to a chic city apartment.

She throw out the elastic waist pants and dresses in arty black with hair in short spikes.

The Kali archetypes inspires a mother to give her daughter a strand of pearls that she herself received long ago for college graduation.

What's New and Exciting in Your Life?

She replaces them with a chunky necklace of semi-precious stones traded with a elder craftswoman for helping with publicity.

Letting Go Is Her Lesson and Our Challenge

A challenge of our elder years is fearlessly severing feelings that keep us in bondage to a past that will not return.

Let Kali sweep through your closets, getting rid of those old cheerleader costumes and the sequined night club dress you haven’t worn for decades.

Let the destroyer archetype remove illusions of ever losing 10 or 20 pounds and the clothes you have been saving for that time.

Create the Future You Want

This inner goddess shows us how to dress in clothing already owned in a new way.

Take up hems, let out seams, and discover a different you.

This is the spirit of renewal. If you can afford only one new thing, make sure it is something you adore -- and wear it often.

This feminine archetype is a source of strength for accepting the past and energy for creating the future.

Experiment and Play Around with Style

Experiment with bold new items.

May we suggest adding a divinely embroidered Chinese jacket to herald your fashion liberation?

These timeless styles are a wise choice.

Always remember to look past the youthful models to consider how the garment may look on you and update slacks, skirts and dresses you already own.

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<H2>Fearless Is Not Always Flawless
The challenge for this fashion archetype is pushing the boundaries without going too far.
Fishnet stockings do not belong at the office, no matter how edgy they look with your Ralph Lauren suit.
It is possible to combine too many colors in one outfit with no unifying theme.
It's fine to want to shake things up, but be careful consequences boomeranging back at you in undesirable ways.
<H2>How Edgy Style Relates to Other Fashion Archetypes</H2>
Most every style type can benefit from a little innovation in her fashion profile. 
<b>Athena's</b> practical wisdom can help rein in this archetype's desire to be as bold as possible.
<b>Aphrodite-Baubo</b> is a compatible overlap. Kali yearns to be a Metis likewise can have a moderating influence, pushing fashion choices toward sophistication rather than the outrageous.

Hecate is another compatible fashion category. Kali's attention to artistic details can point toward the handcrafted and artisan looks loved by the goddess of crossroads who like Kali looks both forward and back.

Sporty Artemis will influence the casual clothing of the Kali who rock climbs and dares others to follow her.

A strong influence Domestic Diva Hestia can encourage this fashion archetype to be a little too careless about what she's wearing when she leaves the house. Do remember to wear a bra and take off those bedroom slippers before you leave.

As for Sophia, this archetype wants to create peace around her and is at the opposite end of the style spectrum from Kali, who wants to shake things up. f

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