Liminal Space Fall Equinox Is A Between for Alchemical Processes

The between is a liminal space filled with the potential for magic and alchemical processes for transformation.

The between is neither here nor there. The first three weeks of September, after Labor Day, often seems to be neither part of summer nor Fall.

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Crone Re-Emerges
Crone Character & Healing
Croning Ritual
The Winter Mother

The autumnal equinox, when day is as long as night, marks the season between summer and winter, the extremes. It occurs around September 20-21 each year.

In autumn, the alchemical processes of nature create a time of transformation from the extreme of summer to the extreme of winter.

Catherine McCoun, in her wonderful book On Becoming an Alchemist: A Guide for the Modern Magician, creates a new perspective on the between by redefining the preposition as a noun.

Old age, the third trimester of life, is the liminal space between life and death -- the ultimate transformation.

The liminal space of the between also captures the essential dualities of Jungian archetypes.

The Between Is the Container for Alchemical Transformation

In terms of archetypes discussion in the preceding months, all of them anchor a between between extremes.

Mother Rain creates drought and flood at two extremes and nurtures all that grows.

The Winter Mother is the Snow Queen who tempts yet is cold.

Mother Light illuminates and burns.

Lauter examined hundred of images of women by women artists.

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Mother Light
Hope & the Feminine
Mother Rain
Dance & Spring SymbolsMother

Jungian Archetypes Embrace Liminal Space of The Between

Visionary psychologist Carl Jung wrote that maturity includes the ability to encompass truth as dualities.

To achieve wholeness, we learn to embrace the extremes and the between.

woman in nature

Communication theorists discuss suggest inclusive dialogue is achieved by holding notions of both-end, even when the two ideas are discordant.

The between is that place in which there is no need to achieve reconciliation because the communicator accepts the both-and of life.

How to Find the Between

Catherine McCoun writes eloquently about alchemical transformation being achieved in the space of the between.

She starts her explanation at the famous Platform 9-1/4 in the Harry Potter novels. The only way to board a train to Hogwarts Academy of magic is to run at what looks like a wall. At the last possible moment, the entry opens.

The between as a midpoint, an average, or a compromise. It is wholly and completely its own reality.

McCoun compares the between to the silences in music. These absences of sound give tones their full and unique meaning.

These silences are almost a container for the music; each exists apart from by containing the other.

The Between Is the Source of Creative Potentials that Transform

Electricity is a force that illustrates the power of the potential of the between. The force exists as a potential between two poles.

transformation of consciousness on earth
Transformation of Consciousness On Earth
by Vit Paroulek

Electricity lights our homes as energy flows between positive and negative electrons.

Lightning rents the night sky in alchemical processes between air and earth, dramatically illustrating the between.

It is perhaps no accident of language that transformers are required to conduct electricity.

Electricity is a transformative energy that changed life on Earth.

The Between May Be Uncomfortable

The notion of a liminal space may shimmer in the imagination as if coated with fairy dust. It evokes the magical and mystical.

In reality, the between may be an uncomfortable space.

Think for a moment about moving. Everything is in boxes, ready to transport to the new home. Yet, here we are, eating on paper plates in the old home.

Stress charts note that even good changes -- graduating, marriage, changing jobs, moving to a new home -- can create stress.

All these events are places of between. The initial news may indeed seem magical, good beyond our hopes, a special liminal space in our lives.

Fall Equinox Creates Liminal Space for Self Transformation

The Fall equinox, poised between the seasons and the centerpoint of night and day, is time to contemplate the between of our lives.

Here we find the liminal space for alchemical processes that lead to spiritual and emotional wholeness.

How will you celebrate the season? How will you create a container between work and home and family and community for yourself, to honor your personal growth and transformation.

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