? Meaning of the Color Red Evokes Bright Future

Meaning of the Color Red Evokes Bright Future

The meaning of the color red evokes a bright future by igniting power, romance, and good luck.

Red brightens one's mood, piques appetites, sparks passion, and symbolizes romance, influence, and protection.

Red is exotic (think Chinese red), magical (think blood ritual), and -- as if all that isn't enough -- is as versatile as any neutral color.

Red Dominates Hues from Yellowy to Near Black

The red color palette extends from orangey-yellow shades to deep purplish tones almost black.

Pigments through the Ages claims infants perceive red before any other color.

People with brain-injuries first recover their ability to distinguish colors by recognizing scarlet, finds other research.

You're sure to be noticed if you add a little red to your wardrobe. Whether you use a little bit of red for accessory accents or a bold scarlet coat, eyes will turn your way.

How You Can Use Red to Add A Little Magic to Your Look

Let the ancient magical symbolism of red add a touch of enchantment to your job search, an important presentation, or a first date.

Stone-age warriors thought the meaning of the color red stemmed from the life-giving property of blood.

Red powdered ochre was placed in graves, and animals were painted in red hues to ensure fertility. Perhaps the use of red lipstick descends from these practices.

Modern marketing and psychology research supports ideas about the power of red. Many boxes use crimson predominantly, because shoppers are more likely to reach for it.

Men find women in red dresses more attractive, according to some research.

Ruby and Garnet Gemstones Protect You from Harm

Another legend is that you can ward off evil by wearing red jewelry or gemstones.

Precious stones such as ruby or garnet were used as charms against evil spells. A ruby was rumored to make the wearer invincible.

Add fiery earrings or a necklace to your ensemble to make yourself feel protected from harm.

Red apparel is a part in some wedding customs. Red veils are worn by brides in Albania, Armenia, and Greece.

Red has long been a color of good fortune in China, and today brides still wear scarlet gowns.

The Meaning of the Color Red As Anger

If you are especially sensitive, beware of too much red apparel.

Some people who read auras say they see a lot of red rage in the halos of angry people. You don’t want to be defensive or irritable when it could count against you in a big way.

Red may be worn with all neutrals -- black, brown, gray, tan, Navy blue, and white.

Depending on the hues, red also may be teamed with dark forest green, pale green, yellow and gold, other shades of blue, turquoise, purple, and lilac.

I'm so crazy about red, you can learn more about red apparel here and link to other specialized pages, such as red dresses.

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