Metis Projects Urban Sophistication in Quality Clothing and Designer Labels

Metis embodies urban sophistication and good taste. Her clothing screams quality, often sports designer labels, is both contemporary and timeless.

The perfect little black dress and the classic Chanel suit are weapons in her style arsenal.

You are sure to find large quantities of black for winter and white for summer in her closet.

Add a variety of luxurious silk scarves, over-sized sunglasses, and perhaps a fur coat, and Metis is good to go.

Greek Myth Reveals Her Story

This goddess in older women was a Titan. This race of gods came before the Olympians in Greek mythology.

She helped her husband, Zeus, overthrow her father, Chronos.

Zeus was not as grateful as one might think for her flawless strategy and practical help.

Many Women Identify with This Archetype

He tricked her into making herself small and swallowed her up, thus claiming her wisdom as his own.

Then he up and married his new trophy goddess wife, Hera.

This is a familiar story for many first wives, writes Jean Bolen in Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes in Women over Fifty.

They help their husbands in practical ways to succeed in their careers. Then, they fade into the background or may be abandoned and replaced with younger woman.

Metis Takes Wardrobe Planning Seriously

This fashion archetype plans her wardrobe the most carefully of all the style categories.

She is well aware that designer clothing does not grow on trees.

Wardrobe purchases are planned to make the most impact.

One designer suit can be re-purposed into unit, wearing the top and jacket with other items.

Consider Cost-Per-Wearing When Shopping

A designer gown, by comparison, is purchased at a much higher cost-per-wearing. It is so memorable that you will not be able to wear it to many social events.

Dress this inner goddess by listing your daily activities. Build a wardrobe that helps you feel your best in these situations.

The wisdom of this ancient goddess shows every fashion archetype how to dress by planning a functional wardrobe.

Classic Styles and Timeless Look Are Her Hallmarks

This fashion archetype favors well-made clothing that will last more than one fashion season.

Trousers that fit or figure-flattering dresses are solid wardrobe choices. Start with a neutral colored pants suit in a fabric that spans more than one season.

If you can find and afford a matching skirt, it is worth the investment. Pair the pieces together and with other items. A white cotton shirt is a must.

How to Stretch Clothing Budget in High Style

One challenge for this fashion archetype is shop within her budget. She can become a bit of clothes-horse.

A high quality or designer label red blazer adds spice and goes with gray, camel, white, black, taupe, and many shades of blue.

Finding really cheap designer clothes may require culling through racks at consignment stores or driving to a big city to find expensive but gently-used garments.

Indulge your taste for high quality with stylish accent pieces. If you’ve wanted purple eyeglass frames forever, indulge. If you are guided by this inner goddess, you will always feel well put together and at your best.

Buy Designer Shoes at Zappos.comDesigner -- and there is plenty designer label clothing there, too.

Add A Little Little Whimsy for Laughter

If you identify with this style category, you may take a rather serious view of how to dress.

Lighten up by adding a little whimsy to your wardrobe.

Citrine shoes and handbag can add a special touch to a palette of neutrals.

It's okay to wear a cheap scarf from an outlet store. We won't tell.

Don't Get Caught in a Time Warp

If you invest smart money in high quality garments, you may have trouble letting go of them when the time comes.

The dress that fit like a dream when you were 30 may show some bulges now that you are older.

Give it to a charity store and take the tax write-off.

Even if a classic style, such as a wrap dress, hasn't changed much since you purchased it, squeezing yourself into a timeworn garment will not result in your feeling your best.

How Metis Relates to Other Fashion Archetypes

Most every sign can benefit from a little quality in their fashion profile. A functional wardrobe is often the result of good planning, at which she excells.

Athena's practical wisdom may blend perfectly with Metis's urban sophistication by taking the focus away from cutting-edge designer fashions and putting it on high-quality classics.

On the other hand, these two together can be deadly serious.

Take Fashion Archetype Quiz

Aphrodite-Baubo in your profile will ensure that you add some feminine ruffles and lace for beneficial feminine variety.

Hecate's emphasis on hand-crafted details and somewhat careless approach to Bohemian combinations is generally not Metis's style.

Some of the quality artisan jewelry, handwoven scarves and shawls can add a little variety and show that you support global artists when you Shop Stylish Handmade Artisan Jewelry at from Around the WorldArtisan

The sporty Artemis will influence the casual clothing of the Metis who loves to sail in summer or ride horses.

Domestic Diva Hestia is most likely to influence the clothing you wear around the house, if you have both of these inner goddesses in your fashion profile.

As for Kali, this trend-setter's disdain for fashion rules is at the other end of the style spectrum from Sophia. - Powered by Service
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