Sophia Plans Her Mother-of-the-Bride Ensemble

by Wendy
(Texas, USA)

I am 46 and live in jeans and t-shirts as they are comfortable and clear of designs.

I am interested in finding something to wear to my daughter's wedding in the coming year.I don't want to disapoint her or myself with wearing something that doesn't look right.

I am also a bit overweight but am working on that. I am bottom heavy with small chest area so wearing a size-numbered dress is usually out of the picture.

I am not confident in the world and shopping for clothing is just not my thing to do. I don't want to see myself in the mirror and be disappointed.

Hi Wendy --

Best wishes to the bride and groom for many happy years together. Best wishes, as well, for a smooth and happy day.

You don't say where you live in Texas. If your city has a store that specializes in wedding dresses, use it. They also should have clothing for the rest of the wedding party, including mother-of-the-bride and -groom garments.

You also can check out the bridal department services at stores such as Macy's and Neiman Marcus for help.

If no such service is available where you live, it may be worth a trip to a city for help.

A specialist can help you make the right choice. Fitting services should be available, especially because you are not a regular size. If anyone is rude, move on to the next store. You will be spending enough money to deserve polite consideration from the shop.

The formality of the wedding and whether it is a day or evening event also will influence your choice. I would suggest a darker bottom and lighter top.

You can check out this page about women's wedding suits. Insofar as you will need the garment altered and state that shopping isn't your thing, I suggest you get ideas online but purchase locally where you can get good service.

Please enjoy yourself at the event and be your wonderful, warm self. That matters more than your clothing.

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How to Dress for an Outdoor Wedding Concerns Mother of the Groom

by Stephanie
(Hadley, New York, USA)

I am a mom, g-mom,gg-mom and wife, and a blend of Artemis, Hecate, and Sophia fashion archetypes.

Since our children are all in relationships, our day-to-day life revolves around horses, dogs, and building our ranch here in the mountains of New York. My husband has PTSD from service in Vietnam, so I make myself available to help calm him or re-direct his thinking, etc. Therefore, we are outside a lot -- building, gardening, and working with horses.

We seldom dress up. The last time we dressed up was six years ago when we celebrated 20 years of marriage. We live in denim and flannel shirts.

When we do dress up he has his favorites but I usually go to the Salvation Thrift Shop to find something dressy I would like. I can usually fix it up if I really like it.

I am 63 years old, work per-diem at a Fed Fac as a Dental Hygienist so am partially retired. I am 5 ft 6 in, weigh 158 pounds (having lost 50 pounds over the last few years).

I wear a sports bra and am getting sick of it! I question if I have a creative fashion goddess inside!

My real problem is an upcoming wedding. The wedding will be outside at a beautiful country club next month. This is my son's first marriage and I don't want to embarres him.

Hi Stephanie and thanks for writing:

Having been raised in upstate New York, I know the weather can be unpredictable. As Mark Twain famous said of weather in the Northeast, If you don't like it, wait a minute.

A wedding suit is the perfect choice, as you will be able to take the jacket on or off, depending on the temperature.

Whether you choose a skirt and top with jacket, or a sleek dress with jacket, you will be assured or looking polished and appropriate for the occasion.

If you cannot afford a new outfit, start trolling thrift and consignment shops right away. I've noticed that dress-up garments are often the easiest to find.

Women buy them for a special occasion, such as this one, and styles or body shape changes before the outfit is needed again.

I like the idea of a brocade or tone-on-tone jacquard fabric. Burgundy is on-trend and a rich color for fall winter. If this is right for your coloring and available, you might consider it.

And do take the time for a bra fitting with someone who knows what she is doing. Go to a lingerie shop and pay the money for one really good bra. A Wacoal bra may cost $50 or more, so steel yourself for the price.

Soak up everything you can learn about fit from the sales expert so that you can apply it yourself in the future.

Good luck, and please post a photo of yourself all dressed up.

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