No I don't use spandex. I live in Florida, and it's too hot and humid. I wish I could. I understand it helps tone as one exercises.
My friend, who is in her seventies, has worn support hose for the past 30 years because of a varicose vein. Her legs are completely flab-less. It seems the heat and pressure of Spandex against the subcutaneous fat keep it from turning "loose."

That makes it sound almost worth the torture. I didn't know that shapewear also can tone us. Good to know.

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Trying to Be the Best Me

by Sally
(Elk Grove, Ca)

I, like many women of a certain age, have had several incarnations. In this one I just want to be the best me I can be. I am making peace with the fact that I will never be the young woman I once was. Trust me, I will never have a 20-inch waist again. Am I OK with that? Not so much, but I'm trying. I eat healthily and I exercise.

Life has a way of giving us challenges. Some of those challenges cause physical discomfort as we age. Understand, that as a member of the me generation, I have never been drawn to being uncomfortable.

I often read about the benefits of shapewear, usually posed as a suggestion that "I learn to make friends with it." I've thought about it, but can't bring myself to even make the introduction. The closest I've come to shapewear has been control top pantyhose. These were uncomfortable enough. Anything that could take this old girl and deliver the benefits promised by the ads and articles about these powerful articles of clothing would surely be more than I could bear.

Sally, I hear you. I never thought about my distaste for unnecessary discomfort of being a characteristic of the me-generation, but if it is, so be it. Control-top pantyhose is torture.

My question always gets back, "Who says wearing shapewear creates a better me?" The curvy figure was fine with painters such as Rubens; it is only current cultural conventions that decree otherwise.

So let's all work to change the conventions instead of shapewear.

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